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Flood scenario in Lakhimpur still grim for the eighth day

Nitish Kumar


LAKHIMPUR: The flood scenario of Lakhimpur district is still grim for the eighth day of the present wave of the deluge. Though the water levels of the major rivers of the district, apart from Dikrong River, have receded as per report found from Water Resource Department, a total of 134 villages under seven Revenue Circles (RC) of the district were inundated by flash flood on Tuesday.

Of them, 44 villages fall under North Lakhimpur RC, 30 in Narayanpur RC, 31 in Bihpuriya RC, 5 in Naoboicha RC, 2 in Kadam RC under North Lakhimpur subdivision while 13 in Dhakuakhana RC and 9 in Subansiri RC under Dhakuakhana subdivision.

The flood caused by the mighty Brahmaputra has inundated five more villages in Dhakuakhana RC while flood caused by Jiadhol and Kumatia has inundated three more villages in Subansiri RC afresh. The people of the flood-affected villages are facing severe scarcity of food items and pure drinking water. Simultaneously, livestock are also facing crisis of fodder. Flood has paralyzed normal life of 62,113 people, submerging 3642 hectares of crop area.

The management of Ranganadi Hydro Electric Plant (RHEP) has been releasing the excess water from Ranganadi dam through its Radial Gate No. 4 by opening it by 1000mm since 7.45pm on Monday till the time of filing of this report. The Gate was opened by 500 mm from 1.45pm, 600 mm from 5.00 pm and 800 mm from 7.00pm on that day.

A total of 177 inmates, 121 adults and 56 minors, are still taking shelter in the flood relief camp at Sakupara LP School under Bihpuriya RC since Sunday. The district administration distributed 153.260 quintal rice, 27.544 quintal dal, 8.269 quintal salt and 702 litres of mustard oil as flood relief items at 12 relief distribution points under four RCs.

In addition to these, 1,180 pieces of tarpaulins, 2.85 quintal of flattened rice (chira), 30 packets of mosquito coils and 2,424 bottles of drinking water were also distributed among the flood victims.

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