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Former TMPK vice-president alleges mental harassment by police

Suspecting his relationship with those who were involved in the attack on Bharatiya Janata Yuva Marcha (BJYM)


LAKHIMPUR: Suspecting his relationship with those who were involved in the attack on Bharatiya Janata Yuva Marcha (BJYM) that took place on September 3 at Luitporiya High School under Kherkota Gaon Panchayat of Dhakuakhana LAC, Dhakuakhana police detained Padma Losan Doley, the former vice-president of Takam Mising Porin Kebang (TMPK) on Saturday morning and took him to Dhakuakhana Police Station. Police interrogated him about the incident and he was released in the evening.

In the wake of his release, massive reaction prevailed in Dhakuakhana in connection with his detention. Then he addressed a press meet organized at Dhakuakhana Mising Kristi Bhavan Premises under the auspices of Mising community organizations regarding the issue on Saturday evening.

Addressing the media persons, Padma Losan Doley severely criticized the activities of the ruling party BJP and Dhakuakhana MLA cum P&RD Minister Naba Kumar Doley.

"Dhakuakhana police detained me from my residence located at Gogamukh without informing me any reason and mentally harassed me by suspecting me being involved with the attack on Bharatiya Janata Yuva Marcha activists. I vehemently condemned this move. I am no longer member of the TMPK and Sanmilita Gana Shakti, Asom at present. Some days ago, I resigned from all the designations of the two organizations. Under such circumstances, the move of interrogating me, suspecting me as involved in the incident, is an outcome of a conspiracy hatched by the ruling party. We never tolerate the mental harassment on innocent people committed by Dhakuakhana Police. The Mising community organizations, with the support of anti-BJP organizations, will give a befitting reply to the existing Dhakuakhana MLA in the forthcoming assembly election to be held in 2021", stated Padma Losan Doley in the press meet.

Expressing vehement resentment, he alleged that MLA collapsed the very backbone of Asom Gana Parishad prioritizing opportunist politics.

"Now he has attempted to destroy the Sanmilita Gana Shakti which is in alliance with BJP. It is unfortunate that he is attempting to destroy the party, with the help of which he was potent enough to be elected as MLA", remarked Padma Losan Doley further in the press meet wherein Sanmilita Gana Shakti central Committee leader Hiranya Dutta, Zila Parishad Member Indra Kumar Chunkrang along with the dignitaries of Mising community organizations were present.

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