Guwahati: CBSE Disaffiliates and Downgrades Institutes Nationwide

Guwahati Schools Named Among Those Violating Affiliation Norms
Guwahati: CBSE Disaffiliates and Downgrades Institutes Nationwide

Guwahati: In a nationwide crackdown on schools violating the association rules, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has relented and downgraded several institutions, signaling a strong stance against practices bad -Faced disengagement after the inspection.The probe extended beyond Guwahati, and Sri Ram Academy in Barpeta, Assam, also fell under the radar, along with two other schools, both of which declined in the nationwide survey. The revelation came to light when the CBSE provided a comprehensive list of schools that are punished for non-compliance with norms and misconduct.

Cases of misconduct featured prominently in the recent shock survey at school various CBSE affiliates across the country, aimed at ensuring compliance with affiliation rules and examination rules. Flagged misconduct included fake students, admission of ineligible candidates and discrepancies in record keeping at some schools.

In an official notification, the CBSE highlighted the need for these checks saying, “According to a landmark survey conducted in CBSE schools across the country to check whether schools are run according to policy and norms in affiliation test by-laws it was found that some schools dummy students and ineligible candidates was committed various malpractices in submitting and not keeping records properly.“This action confirms the committee’s commitment to maintain academic honestly and to ensure that the schools involved comply with the regulations.

Thus by excluding and humiliating erring institutions, CBSE is sending a clear message about the consequences of non-compliance, with the aim of retaining the quality of education standard in its affiliated schools across the country.

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