Guwahati: Illegal Cattle Trafficking Operation Foiled by Jorabat Police; 20 Cattle Rescued

Jorabat Police intercepts vehicle escorting illegally loaded cattle and apprehends suspects and rescues 20 cattle.
Guwahati: Illegal Cattle Trafficking Operation Foiled by Jorabat Police; 20 Cattle Rescued

GUWAHATI: The Jorabat police successfully intercepted a car with registration number AS 02AL 5089, along with the driver and associates, on the Jorabat link road. The group was accused of escorting a cattle-loaded truck, raising suspicions of illegal activities.

Upon interrogation, the driver and helper revealed that they were escorting a cattle-loaded truck with registration number AS 02 CC 8143, trailing behind them. Acting on this information, the police located the abandoned vehicle on Jorabat Link Road near the RP Hotel.

In the presence of witnesses, the police team searched the vehicle (AS 02 CC 8143) and uncovered a shocking discovery – 20 live cattle. The driver of the cattle-loaded vehicle managed to escape the scene, prompting further investigation into the nature of the operation.

The driver and helper of the intercepted escorting vehicle claimed to have transported the cattle from Nagaon but failed to produce any valid permit documents from competent authorities. This lack of documentation raised suspicions that the cattle might have been stolen and transported illegally in the vehicle with registration number AS 02 CC 8143.

In response to these findings, the police seized both vehicles – the one loaded with 20 live cattle (Reg. No. AS 02 CC 8143) and the escorting vehicle (Reg. No. AS 02AL 5089) – in the presence of independent witnesses. The driver and his associates inside the escorting vehicle were apprehended for further investigation.

During a thorough inspection, it was revealed that the vehicles lacked the necessary capacity to humanely transport such a large number of live cattle. This raised concerns about the welfare of the animals during transportation.

The apprehended individuals were identified as Noor Mohammad (24) - the driver, Riaz Uddin (32) - the helper, and two other associates, Faridul Islam (23) and Noor Hussain (33). All four were brought to the Jorabat police outpost along with the seized vehicles.

The police are now intensifying their efforts to uncover the entire network involved in these illegal cattle trafficking operation, highlighting the importance of cracking down on such activities to ensure the welfare of animals and maintain law and order in the region.

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