Guwahati: Journalist and Police Officer Held in Alleged Hawala Money Scandal

Guwahati is in turmoil as a journalist and police officer face arrest in a shocking hawala money scandal. Rs 25 lakhs were seized from each.
Guwahati: Journalist and Police Officer Held in Alleged Hawala Money Scandal

GUWAHATI: In a startling development, a journalist named Toufique Uddin Ahmed and Sub-Inspector Mubarak Ali from Bharalu Police Station in Guwahati have been apprehended following the discovery of a substantial amount of money believed to be linked to alleged hawala transactions. This revelation unfolded during police raids in November 2023, resulting in the confiscation of Rs 25 lakhs from each individual.

The arrest of Toufique Uddin Ahmed was executed by the Crime Branch in the Garigaon locality of Guwahati during the morning hours. Simultaneously, another individual connected to the case was also detained by Bharalu Police. The gravity of the situation is underscored by the involvement of a law enforcement official, raising questions about the depth of this alleged hawala network.

This incident comes on the heels of a recent crackdown by Guwahati Police in the Athgaon area. In that operation, two individuals, Devkaran Sen (27) and Manoj Kumar (47) from Rajasthan, were apprehended, and a staggering sum of over Rs 1,69,70,000 was seized from their possession. The money seized was suspected to be part of the larger hawala transactions these individuals were allegedly engaged in.

The operations unfolded when the Athgaon police, acting on specific intelligence, raided a rented house belonging to Md Jamir Uddin. The subsequent arrests and confiscation shed light on the intricate web of hawala transactions penetrating the region. It's a stark reminder of the pervasive nature of illicit financial activities that often involve individuals from diverse professional backgrounds.

The arrests of a journalist and a police officer in connection with the alleged hawala transactions bring forth concerns regarding the extent of this network and the potential involvement of individuals in positions of trust. The developments prompt a broader investigation into the nexus between law enforcement, media, and clandestine financial dealings.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the authorities must delve deeper into the roots of this alleged hawala network to ensure accountability and to preserve the integrity of both journalism and law enforcement in the region.


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