Guwahati: KV Narangi Alumni Gather for Nostalgic Celebration

Alumni of KV Narangi reunite after 12 years, reliving memories and inspiring the next generation.
Guwahati: KV Narangi Alumni Gather for Nostalgic Celebration

GUWAHATI: In a heartwarming reunion, the Alumni Association of PM SHRI Kendriya Vidyalaya, Narangi, orchestrated a memorable event on the 27th and 28th of January, 2024. Over 100 enthusiastic alumni graced the occasion, immersing themselves in a journey of nostalgia, reconnection, and celebration of success stories that have emanated from this prestigious institution.

The alumni, radiating enthusiasm, participated in the morning assembly alongside current students. Taking charge of various assembly components, they delighted the audience, including both staff and students. The formal proceedings commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, followed by a warm welcome address from Principal Mr. Subhash Sharma. He underscored the significance of the Alumni Meet as a tribute to KV Narangi's rich heritage and the continual triumphs of its students. Alumni actively engaged with students, sharing valuable insights and delivering motivational talks on the path to higher studies and career placements.

Post-assembly, a 'Guru Vandan' program unfolded, honoring the past teachers of the school. The day continued with friendly basketball matches (Students vs. Alumni), volleyball (Teachers vs. Alumni), tug of war (Students vs. Teachers and Alumni), and musical chairs (Ex-Teachers and Female Teachers). These activities infused the atmosphere with fun and excitement, creating an interactive and enjoyable experience for all attendees. A delightful lunch was shared by staff members, alumni, and ex-teachers, fostering camaraderie.

Reflecting on the grand event, Mr. Mahesh Pradhan, President of the Alumni Association, highlighted that such a significant Alumni Meet hadn't occurred in 12 years. The gathering served as a vital platform for alumni to reconnect, reinforcing the bonds forged during their formative years at KV Narangi.

The festivities continued on the 28th of January as the alumni embarked on a picnic, fostering the spirit of togetherness and offering a chance to reminisce about their school days. This joyful gathering not only celebrated the shared history of the alumni but also served as an inspiration for the current generation of students at KV Narangi.

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