Guwahati: Traffic Violators Face E-Challans as ITMS Cameras Activated In The City

During Durga Puja, Guwahati enforces strict traffic rules with ITMS cameras issuing e-challans for violators.
Guwahati: Traffic Violators Face E-Challans as ITMS Cameras Activated In The City

GUWAHATI: During the festive Durga Puja season in Guwahati, citizens are urged to exercise caution as the city's Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS) cameras have recently been activated. In a significant shift, traditional police intervention on the roadways will be replaced by the ITMS, with violators receiving direct notices (e-challans) on their mobile devices within 24 hours of committing a traffic offense.

DCP Traffic, Jayanta Sarathi Borah, addressing the media in Guwahati, revealed that the National Information Centre (NIC) would closely monitor the 61 Internet Protocol (IP) cameras strategically placed throughout the city. The ITMS employs standard surveillance IP cameras to capture video for subsequent analysis. As a result, citizens are strongly advised to wear helmets while riding two-wheelers and seat belts while driving four-wheelers. The city's police force is prepared to take a strict stance against traffic violators, with penalties imposed swiftly after an offense is captured on the IP cameras.

According to DCP Traffic, the ITMS has proven effective, with the city police collecting up to Rs 15 lakh per day from violators since its activation in Guwahati. The system, introduced last year, aims to ensure the seamless flow of traffic, curb traffic violations, and streamline the issuance of e-challans.

Former Guwahati Police Commissioner, currently the special DGP of Assam Police, Harmeet Singh, emphasized that the ITMS is a dynamic system requiring a brief calibration period. Consequently, e-challans were not issued until the calibration process was completed. He also urged citizens to adhere to single-lane driving and obey traffic laws.

Meanwhile, the Guwahati Traffic Police issued an advisory to enhance public safety on the roads and facilitate the smooth passage of emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire tenders during the Durga Puja season. Traffic restrictions will be enforced during the puja celebrations in the city from October 21 to 24.

The activation of ITMS cameras during the Durga Puja season is a pivotal development in Guwahati's efforts to ensure road safety and minimize traffic violations. This innovative system, coupled with the imposition of swift penalties through e-challans, underscores the city's commitment to maintaining order and safety on its roadways during the festive period.


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