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‘Ujjeebon Spastics Society’ creating space for disabled to live with dignity


Special Correspondent

Silchar: Ujjeebon Spastics Society of this town is a name that evokes public admiration for its social commitment to work for the physically challenged and make them live with honour and dignity.  41 children on roll and 150 of them staying with their parents, who are often brought in here, are given all sorts of care, affection and parental love by a team of dedicated teachers with humanitarian approach. Ever since its inception the Society, pointed out Dola Deb, Secretary, “We here have been doing our best to look after these children to see they become self-reliant and not a burden on their family.”

The teaching and guidance to the children is not confined only to their mental development but also to bring out the latent talent in them. In order to inspire and encourage them, the dance teacher trains them to dance with rythm individually and collectively. This is a kind of exercise to rejuvenate their body, keep them fit with nerves in motion. Elaborating Dola Deb said these children are also given lessons on song by Dilip Sinha which keeps them happy and in cheerful mood. Bikash Sinha imparts them all important motivation for drawing and painting on the given object or leaves it to their creative mind. She mentions two other teachers, Shikha Mitra and Jayanti Chowdhury, who serve the Society.  All these bring out the best of their talent.

With its sole object of showing the children ray of hope for decent living, physiotherapist Tandra Gupta does all she can do to keep them physically and mentally fit. In this age of professionalism and self aggrandisement, the teachers and physiotherapist are doing commendable works without any monetary benefit. Some doctors who think out of box attend to these children to check them regularly even by visiting their homes. “I am happy to have a well coordinated team of selfless dedication who have kept the Society going,” said Dola Deb.

The moment of pride for Dola Deb comes when these children despite their disability display their talent in performing arts before the audiences on foundation day of the Society and also on handicapped day. She recollects and remembers those boys and girls who have passed out of the Society to blaze their trail as an advocate, Sudeshna Kar Purkayastha, an employ in DC office, Gourav Das, an established business man, Biswajit Das, in hotel management, Shubhalakhmi Chowdhury, a state level achiever.

Many have been doing well in different fields of life at Guwahati, Bangalore and other places. Despite all the best by her, the principal, Nilima Choudhury and  president Dr Sujit Nandi Purkayastha, their NGO completing 25 years is deprived of any financial help from the Centre or the State, rues Deb. Unless help from all the public as well is not forthcoming, she apprehends this Institute has to be closed down.

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