Manipur Assembly Mulls Action Against 10 Kuki MLAs Demanding ‘Separate Administration’

Political veteran Okram Joy insists Manipur Assembly decide on the complaint report during the session.
Manipur violence 2023
Manipur violence 2023File image

IMPHAL: The much-anticipated session of the Privilege and Ethnic Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly was held on Tuesday at around 11 am.

Okram Joy, one of the petitioners who lodged complaints against 10 Kuki MLAs to the committee was among the attendees.

While expressing the purpose for attending the session, Joy emphasized his desire to verify the allegations against the accused 10 Kuki MLAs, who had earlier advocated for a separate administration.

The veteran politician reiterated that the Manipur Legislative Assembly should decide upon the final decision regarding the submitted complaint report during the assembly session.

Joy clarified that the assembly will decide the appropriate action against the MLAs under rule 92 of the Manipur Legislative Assembly regulations.

Highlighting the motive behind filing the complaint petition, Joy emphasized its aim to safeguard the dignity of the Manipur Legislative Assembly and preserve the integrity of the state.

The people of the state have voiced the demand for a session of the Privilege and Ethics Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly, particularly in light of the controversy surrounding the 10 Kuki MLAs.

It may be mentioned that the women's organisation, Ima gi Meira has been demanding to conduct a meeting of the Privilege and Ethics Committee of the Manipur Legislative Assembly.

Recently, the assembly Speaker assured the public of holding the much-awaited meeting before February 14.

Meanwhile, 10 MLAs from the Kuki community, including two ministers, in Manipur demanded a separate administration saying that the state of Manipur “miserably failed to protect” the Chin-Kuki-Zomi-Tribals.

The development came months after a clash erupted between the Kuki community, which mostly resides on the hill, and the Meiteis, the dominant community in Imphal, within Churachanpur town.

At least 71 individuals lost their lives, while thousands were forced to flee their homes due to the clash, which involved arson, rioting, and targeted attacks. The escalating violence led the state government to implement shoot-on-sight directives, impose a curfew, and enact a ban on internet services for a very long period.


Manipur violence 2023
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