Manipur: Bomb Defused at District Council Chairman's Residence

Manipur police thwarted a bomb attack on District council chairman's home. Community protests demand peace in the face of cowardly violence.
Manipur: Bomb Defused at District Council Chairman's Residence

IMPHAL: In a recent incident in Manipur, a potential tragedy was averted when the state police successfully defused a bomb planted at the residence of Zilla Parishad Adhyaksha Phurishabam Jiten. The explosive device, identified as a .36 high explosive hand grenade, was discovered cleverly concealed in a flowerpot within the courtyard of Jiten's house in Sekmaijing Mayai Leikai, located under the jurisdiction of the Hiyanglam police station.

Law enforcement officials are currently investigating the incident and have labeled the culprits as "unknown miscreants." The placement of the explosive device at the residence of the district council's head raises concerns about the safety and security of local government officials in Manipur.

Upon receiving the report, a specialized team from the Manipur police disposal squad promptly arrived on the scene to dispose of the grenade. This operation took place at approximately 8 a.m. on the day of the incident, ensuring the safety of those living in the vicinity.

In response to this alarming act of violence, the local community organized a sit-in protest under the banner of "Stop money demand, we want peace." This peaceful demonstration was held at the Communal Hall in Sekmaijing, a town situated in the southern part of Manipur. The protesters aimed to send a powerful message to the perpetrators and to demand a peaceful environment for their community.

During the protest, a prominent figure named Meira Paibi, identified as Memba Devi, voiced her concerns and called for clarification from those responsible for planting the bomb. She emphasized that such a malicious act, particularly in a densely populated area, reflects a severe lack of courage and morality. The community's stance against violence and its commitment to peace were evident during this demonstration, as they collectively rejected any form of intimidation and threats.

This incident underscores the importance of ensuring the safety and security of local government officials in Manipur, as well as the need for continued vigilance in maintaining peace and stability in the region. The actions of the Manipur police in swiftly and safely neutralizing the threat are commendable, while the community's peaceful protest sends a resounding message that they will not succumb to fear and violence. In a time where unity and resilience are essential, Manipur stands strong in its pursuit of peace and justice.


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