Manipur: Governor Uikey and CM Biren Singh Commemorate Republic Day

Leaders reflect on India's constitutional legacy, urging unity in upholding democratic values.
Manipur: Governor Uikey and CM Biren Singh Commemorate Republic Day

IMPHAL: In a solemn commemoration of Republic Day, Governor Anusuiya Uikey and Chief Minister N. Biren Singh extended heartfelt greetings to the people, emphasizing the historical significance of the day when India's Constitution was adopted in 1950. This momentous occasion serves as a reminder of the guiding principles that have shaped the nation's trajectory.

Governor Uikey, recognizing the democratic strides India has made, commended the country's growing strength and global respect. She called for homage to the foresight of the founding fathers and passionately urged citizens to join hands in upholding the secular, socialist, and democratic values enshrined in the Constitution. Her words echoed a commitment to unity and collective responsibility.

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh, in a poignant message, utilized the occasion to encourage reflection on the progress and aspirations of the state. Through his X handle, he urged citizens to ponder the remarkable journey since the Constitution came into force in 1950, reaffirming the commitment to uphold the values and principles embedded in this foundational document.

The celebrations in Imphal resonated with messages of hope, resilience, and a collective effort toward a peaceful and prosperous future. The leaders' words aligned perfectly with the spirit of Republic Day, a celebration that honors India's unity in diversity and rich cultural heritage.

The atmosphere in Imphal during the celebrations was marked by a sense of unity and purpose. Citizens gathered to commemorate the day with pride, resonating with the leaders' calls for reflection and commitment to the nation's foundational principles.

As the nation marks another Republic Day, the reflections of Governor Uikey and Chief Minister N. Biren Singh serve as a call to action. In their words, the leaders instill a sense of responsibility and shared commitment, echoing the essence of the day that has become synonymous with India's democratic ethos and vibrant diversity.

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