Manipur: Kuki Militants Unleash Fatal Attack on Village Volunteers in Imphal; Two Killed, Two Injured

Deadly attack by Kuki militants claims lives of two village volunteers, leaving two injured; heightened security measures in vulnerable areas.
Manipur: Kuki Militants Unleash Fatal Attack on Village Volunteers in Imphal; Two Killed, Two Injured

IMPHAL: In a tragic incident that unfolded on Tuesday, Kuki militants carried out a deadly attack in the Koutruk area of Imphal West and Bethel in Kangpokpi district. The assault resulted in the loss of two village volunteers, Maisnam Khaba Ibomcha, 23, and Nongthombam Michealdev, 34, while two others, Wangjam Vikas, 20, and Ngangom Sanjit, 19, sustained injuries.

The attackers left a gruesome scene, with Nongthombam Michealdev's head destroyed by numerous bullet injuries. The bodies of the deceased have been placed at RIMS mortuary, as confirmed by the police.

Wangjam Vikas suffered a bullet injury to his right leg, while Ngangom Sanjit sustained a fractured waist while attempting to escape down a hill. The area remained a battleground as firing persisted at the time of reporting.

This disturbing incident follows the deployment of additional state forces in vulnerable areas of Imphal West, Imphal East, Bishnupur, Kakching, and Thoubal districts since January 22. The increased presence was a response to previous attacks by Kuki militants against civilians and security forces.

In the Koutruk area, 21 personnel from various IRB battalions were stationed, complemented by 22 personnel from Imphal West district police and 23 personnel from 7 MR at the National Sports University campus.

Simultaneously, Kuki militants struck the Khamenlok area under the jurisdiction of Sagolmang Police Station, Imphal East, at 9 am on Tuesday. The assailants fired three bombs and multiple rounds of bullets from Ramchandra Hill, although no casualties were reported in this particular incident.

This latest violence comes on the heels of a gunfight on Saturday, where a Kuki militant lost his life in Khamenlok area, bordering Imphal East and Kangpokpi district. In that confrontation, four village volunteers sustained injuries.

The situation remains tense as security forces grapple with the escalating threat posed by Kuki militants. The need for a comprehensive strategy to address the root causes of such conflicts is becoming increasingly urgent to ensure the safety and security of the affected regions.

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