Manipur: Manipur's Longpi Pottery of Ukhrul Shines with National Recognition

73-Year-Old Potter Honored with Padma Shri as Longpi Hampai Gains Prominence
Manipur: Manipur's Longpi Pottery of Ukhrul Shines with National Recognition

MANIPUR: Longpi Kajui, also known as Loree Kaju, a quaint village nestled in the scenic hills of Manipur’s Ukhrul district, stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Tangkhul community in the heart of this vibrant village lies the ancient art of Longpi pottery, locally known as Hamlei, Longpi Hampai And is affectionately called by its name, attracting tourists from all parts of the country.

The traditional use of Longpi pottery to make the famous rice beer khor has been developed over the years. Made from a unique blend of black powdered snake stone and mainly brown clay found only in the region, Longpi pottery features a unique curved pottery shape compared to the wheel, making it a unique style of those who interested in searching more.

Recently, the art gained national recognition as 73-year-old Machihan Sasa, a dedicated potter preserving and promoting Longpi pottery for over five decades, was honored with the prestigious Padma Shri Award 2024. His contribution to the art form was acknowledged during the Republic Day celebrations on January 25, making him the sole recipient from Manipur.

To celebrate and preserve this age-old craft, the village organized a pottery making competition as part of the annual sowing festivals Luira Fanit and Hampai Fanit from January 28 to 30. Pottery, the stage of ceramics flattened it showed their knowledge. He turned the formless clay into a living thing. The judges examined the crafts, and the artists proudly presented their masterpieces to the public.

Through initiatives such as Longpi pottery being recognized on the national stage, pottery is a competition, deep-rooted history and thriving motifs from the region’s traditional arts underscores the community’s commitment to preserving this unique cultural heritage over and promoted therefore, Longpi Hampai has a meaning in the modern era Machihan Sasa dedication recognition makes Longpi pottery a favorite art form not only locally but also nationally.

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