Manipur: Passenger Train Services Set to Resume in Manipur, Marking a Return to Normalcy

Jiribam-Khongsang Route Reopens After Nearly Nine Months of Suspension
Manipur: Passenger Train Services Set to Resume in Manipur, Marking a Return to Normalcy

MANIPUR: In a major development marking the gradual return to normalcy in Manipur, passenger trains between Jiribam and Khongsang, spanning about 55 km in the state, will resume from February 7, 2024. After a nearly nine-month suspension, initially from May 4, 2023, following the eruption of ethnic violence on May 3, 2023. This is a major step towards restoring the vital railway was taken on Friday, when Chief Commisioner of Railway Safety (CCRS) team efficiently led by Janak Kumar Garg conducted a final check from Jiribam to Khongsang railway station. A careful inspection aimed at ensuring the railways were safe and ready for the imminent resumption of passenger service. Station manager Sinreap Gangmei welcomed his arrival, symbolizing the collective hope and excitement surrounding the reopening of this important rail line. This careful consideration underscored the commitment to ensure an easy and safe travel experience for passengers for a hassle free and smooth travel experience.

In a view to parallel development, the Ministry of Railways announced a special train dedicated to transport, which will start from Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh on February 7. The move is part of a wider effort to improve transport and communication has facilitated the alignment of objectives , and helped to revive the overall transport sector in the north-eastern region improving communication and connectivity in the long run. The launch stands as a testament to the resilience and concerted efforts of the central and state governments to restore their status if correct and contact area results. The reopening of the Jiribam-Khongsang Road holds the promise of fostering new economic and social ties, marking a positive change in the course of Manipur's post-conflict recovery. The move is a need of the hour for the people of Manipur to lead a life of normalcy and connect with the mainland of India.

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