Manipur: Police Acts Swiftly Against False Information, Arrests Perpetrators

Manipur Police takes strict action against those spreading false information, urging public cooperation for maintaining law and order.
Manipur: Police Acts Swiftly Against False Information, Arrests Perpetrators

IMPHAL: In response to escalating tensions fueled by misinformation, Manipur Police issued a stern warning on Sunday, urging the public to refrain from circulating false news that could incite violence and disrupt law and order. The authorities emphasized that stringent legal measures would be taken against anyone found spreading misleading information.

The Police Control Room disclosed that a person had already been apprehended for disseminating false and fabricated messages on social media related to a registered FIR case at Porompat Police Station, Imphal East. This move reinforces the police's commitment to tackling the dissemination of misinformation that could potentially lead to unrest.

In a recent incident on Saturday, Manipur Police successfully thwarted an attempt to sow communal discord by identifying and countering false rumors circulating on social media. The misleading information aimed at creating tension between communities was promptly addressed, with two individuals responsible for its propagation arrested in connection with the case registered at Lamphel Police Station, Imphal West.

While the situation in the state remained tense over the last 24 hours, the authorities assured the public that it was under control. Sporadic incidents of firing and protests were reported, prompting security forces to conduct search operations in vulnerable areas of Kakching and Thoubal districts.

To ensure the smooth movement of essential goods, security measures, including the installation of 144 Nakas/Checkpoints in different districts, were implemented. A total of 233 individuals were detained across various districts for violations. Additionally, the police appealed to the public to disregard rumors, emphasizing the importance of verifying information through the central control room's rumour-free number - 9233522822.

Strict security measures were enforced in vulnerable locations, with security convoys provided in sensitive stretches to facilitate the free and safe movement of vehicles. The police also urged the public to promptly return any looted arms, ammunition, and explosives to the nearest police or security forces.

As Manipur faces challenges posed by misinformation and potential unrest, the police are actively engaging in preventive measures, detaining those responsible for spreading false information and appealing to the public for cooperation in maintaining peace and order. 


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