Manipur: Police Seize Over Rs. 88 Lakh Worth of Myanmar-Origin Brown Sugar in Special Operation

In a significant operation, Manipur police arrest smuggler, recover 6.40 grams of brown sugar from soap cases.
Manipur: Police Seize Over Rs. 88 Lakh Worth of Myanmar-Origin Brown Sugar in Special Operation

IMPHAL: In a noteworthy special operation, Manipur police successfully seized a substantial quantity of brown sugar, a drug of Myanmar origin, valued at more than Rs. 88 lakh in the black market. This operation took place near Martyre’s Park in Mao, Manipur's last border town with Nagaland on a Saturday morning. The police acted on a tipoff, conducting a well-coordinated raid that led to the arrest of an alleged smuggler and the recovery of the illicit substance.

During the operation, approximately 6.40 grams of brown sugar were discovered concealed inside 50 soap cases, all of which were found in the possession of the arrested individual. These soap cases had been cunningly hidden under the seat of a white car used by the smuggler for his illicit activities. To ensure the accuracy of the weight measurements, the soap cases were weighed using a precision weighing machine in the presence of an executive magistrate. The total weight of the brown sugar, excluding the weight of the soap cases, was confirmed to be 6.40 grams.

The arrested individual was subsequently identified as D. Ratho, a 30-year-old resident of Phaibung Khunou village in the Senapati district of Manipur. Ratho now faces legal consequences as he has been booked under Sections 21(c)/29 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act of 1985, a significant step taken by the police to combat drug trafficking and related crimes in the region.

Following the arrest, Ratho, along with the seized items and the impounded vehicle, was taken to the Mao police station. Here, the necessary legal proceedings are set to unfold as a regular case is initiated, marking a crucial development in the fight against drug-related offenses in the region.

This operation stands as a testament to the dedication and vigilance of the Manipur police force in safeguarding their communities and tackling the menace of drug trafficking. The successful apprehension of an alleged smuggler and the seizure of a substantial quantity of brown sugar underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies and the public in combating the illegal drug trade. This incident near the Nagaland border highlights the ongoing challenges and the persistent determination of authorities to maintain peace and security in the region.


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