Manipur: Security Forces Conduct Successful Operations, Uncover Cache of Weapons in Kangpokpi District

Joint forces recover arms and explosives in cordon and search operations, curbing ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur.
 Manipur: Security Forces Conduct Successful Operations, Uncover Cache of Weapons in Kangpokpi District

IMPHAL: A combined contingent of central and state forces launched cordon and search operations spanning three villages in Manipur's Kangpokpi district. The region has been identified as a hotspot for ongoing clashes over the past 24 hours. According to an official report on Saturday, the operations yielded significant success with the recovery of a cache of arms, ammunition, explosives, and other warlike stores believed to be instrumental in recent criminal activities.

The meticulous search operations, concentrated in the general area between Songjang village and Thonglang Akutpa village along the Imphal-Tamenglong road, produced tangible results. Among the seized items were a 9 mm Pistol with Mag, a 7.65 mm Pistol with Mag, ten 9 mm ammunition, two .32 mm ammunition, three 9 mm empty cases, and two .32 mm empty cases. These findings underscore the gravity of the situation, revealing the weaponry used in recent acts of violence.

Simultaneously, the joint forces, comprising Assam Rifles and state police, extended their operations to N. Changoubung village within the same district. In this area, the team successfully retrieved a carbine machine gun with a magazine, an INSAS Mag, eight 5.56 mm ammunition, one No.36 hand grenade, one 51 mm Mortar Illumination round, one Local Pumpi, two Local hand grenades, and a walkie-talkie with charger. This substantial haul not only demonstrates the effectiveness of the security forces but also highlights the diverse arsenal at the disposal of those involved in the unrest.

The operations signify a resolute commitment to restoring peace and order in the troubled Kangpokpi district. The collaborative efforts of the Assam Rifles and state police with the strategic execution of cordon and search operations have not only yielded tangible results but have also dealt a significant blow to the illicit activities fueling ethnic violence. As the security forces continue their vigilance, these operations serve as a beacon of hope for residents in the region, signaling a determined stand against those perpetuating discord and unrest.

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