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Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma Denies Drug Kingpin Allegations

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma responds to allegations of his links with a drug kingpin, calling them "ridiculous" and emphasizing the need for substantial evidence.

Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma Denies Drug Kingpin Allegations

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SHILLONG: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has vehemently denied accusations of having links with a drug kingpin, responding to allegations made by TMC leader Mukul Sangma. The allegations revolve around a photograph of Conrad Sangma and an individual arrested as a kingpin in a drug haul in New Delhi back in 2013.

Mukul Sangma, a prominent TMC leader, made the accusations on September 19, accusing Conrad Sangma of a close association with a drug kingpin from Mizoram, who was apprehended in April 2013 in connection with the seizure of banned pseudoephedrine tablets worth Rs 6 crore in New Delhi.

In response, Conrad Sangma labeled the allegations as "the most ridiculous way of proving anything." He emphasized that he meets countless people on a daily basis, and drawing conclusions based solely on a single photograph is illogical.

"It is sad that a person of his (Mukul's) level brought in a photograph and just jumped to a conclusion. Connecting people based on a photograph of two people being clicked together I think, in today’s world, it is the most ridiculous way of proving anything," expressed Meghalaya CM Conrad Sangma during a media briefing.

Mukul Sangma had earlier alleged that Chief Minister Conrad Sangma had connections with Henry Lalremsanga, the alleged drug kingpin in Mizoram. As evidence, Mukul Sangma produced a photograph of the two together, claiming that they have known each other for a considerable period.

Mukul Sangma further added that he had spoken to several of Conrad Sangma's colleagues, who confirmed knowing Henry Lalremsanga and claimed that their acquaintance with him was through the Chief Minister.

The allegations and subsequent denial have created a significant stir in Meghalaya's political landscape, with tensions running high between the political rivals.

Conrad Sangma's firm denial of these allegations underscores the importance of concrete evidence in such sensitive matters. As the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, he maintains that his interactions with various individuals should not be misconstrued, and the burden of proof rests on those making the accusations.

This controversy has brought the issue of political mudslinging to the forefront, highlighting the need for a transparent and evidence-based approach when making serious allegations against public figures. The allegations, the photograph, and the ensuing denial have left many in Meghalaya eagerly awaiting further developments and clarification on this matter.

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