Meghalaya: Enhanced Compensation for Hit and Run Victims; Implementation of 2022 Scheme

Changes to be made in compensation for hit-and-run accidents under the amended Motor Vehicles Act and the efficient 2022 scheme for timely settlements.
Meghalaya: Enhanced Compensation for Hit and Run Victims; Implementation of 2022 Scheme

SHILLONG: In response to the evolving landscape of motor accidents, the Deputy Commissioner of East Jaintia Hills District has announced crucial enhancements under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. These amendments, introduced through the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, specifically address compensation in cases of death or grievous injury resulting from hit-and-run accidents.

Underlining the commitment to address the aftermath of such incidents, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, has unveiled the "Compensation to Victim of Hit and Run Motor Accidents Scheme, 2022." This initiative ensures a compensation of Rs. 2,00,000 for the unfortunate loss of life due to a hit-and-run motor accident and Rs. 50,000 for cases involving grievous injuries.

The Claims Enquiry Officer is mandated to communicate their decision within one month of receiving the claim. Subsequently, the Claims Settlement Officer has a window of 15 days to approve and forward the sanction order to the General Insurance (GI) Council, with simultaneous intimation to the relevant Motor Accident Claim Tribunal and Transport Commissioner.

Efficiency is further highlighted in the swift transfer of compensation to the claimant. The GI Council is tasked with processing the transfer within 15 days of receiving the sanction order. This streamlined process not only accelerates relief for victims and their families but also contributes to a more responsive and accountable legal framework.

The Compensation to Victim of Hit and Run Motor Accidents Scheme, 2022, represents a pivotal step towards addressing the human cost of road accidents. By aligning with the amended Motor Vehicles Act, it establishes a comprehensive framework that ensures just compensation for victims and their families. This combined effort from the legislative and administrative fronts signifies a commitment to improving the overall safety and welfare of road users across the nation.

In conclusion, these developments signify a positive shift towards a more compassionate and responsive approach to addressing the aftermath of hit-and-run accidents. The amalgamation of legislative amendments and the introduction of a specialized scheme marks a significant stride in prioritizing the well-being of accident victims and their families.


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