Meghalaya: IIM Shillong Records Highest Female Enrollees in The Institution

This celebration is continuing with the enrollment of the current batch, which is made up of 51.6% female participants and 48.4% male participants.
Meghalaya: IIM Shillong Records Highest Female Enrollees in The Institution

SHILLONG: According to reports, recently, 370 people enrolled in IIM Shillong's Post Graduate Programme (PGP) in Management, which leads to the MBA degree. Since the Institute's first batch was introduced on July 4, 2008, there have been 16 batches of this programme.

This time, the enrollment procedure began on June 16, 2023. Students from all backgrounds who had spent years working hard and dedicating themselves were admitted during the registration procedure to this famous institution of national importance.

On the other hand , IIM- Shillong lately had a rising number of female enrollees, in keeping with the matrilineal society of Meghalaya. 51.6% of the 370 students who enrolled in the MBA-granting Post Graduate Programme in Management (2023-25) are female.

According to IIM Shillong, “We recognise this batch's somewhat higher percentage of females as a testament to the Khasi tribe's matrilineal society, which is distinguished by a social framework that accords its female members significant respect and attention.”

It also stated that, female enrollment increased by almost 100% from the previous year, making IIM Shilling one of the top choices for young MBA aspirants.

As a result, the batch's gender distribution is almost equal. The Khasi tribe's matrilineal society, which is characterised by a social system that accords great respect and recognition to its female members, is recognised by the Institute as the source of this batch's slightly larger representation of female participants.

IIM Shillong is renowned for its diversity in work experience; according to CAT data, the majority of the batch—approximately 45%—had experience between 18 and 42 months, while roughly 33% of the batch has experience of a year or less.

IIM Shillong on June 10 signed an MoU with Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. This MoU permits the exchange of scholars, faculty members, professional staff members, students, and academic information between both institutions.

Since the Institute's founding in 2007 as the 7th IIM, it has accomplished notable achievements throughout the past 15 years. By receiving significant national accolades, the institute has gained respect for its dedication to academic excellence and innovation in management education.

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