Meghalaya: Inaugural Edition of Odyssey Gaming Festival Elevates Shillong as International Gaming Hub

Odyssey Gaming Festival in Shillong, India, is a groundbreaking event uniting gamers from Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and Singapore.
Meghalaya: Inaugural Edition of Odyssey Gaming Festival Elevates Shillong as International Gaming Hub

SHILLONG: In a groundbreaking initiative, the inaugural edition of Odyssey, a two-day gaming spectacle, commenced on Friday at the State Central Library in Shillong, India. This pioneering gaming festival is orchestrated by Mutation eSports in collaboration with the Meghalaya government, aiming to elevate the gaming culture in the region.

The festival's diverse landscape encompasses mobile games and various gaming arenas, complemented by stalls and engaging activities for enthusiasts. The State Central Library transforms into a vibrant hub where gaming aficionados converge to celebrate their shared passion.

The inauguration of the gaming festival was graced by Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh, who not only declared Odyssey open but also presented a significant financial boost. A cheque amounting to forty lakhs rupees, sanctioned by the state government, was handed over to support and enhance the grandeur of the gaming festival.

Highlighting the international dimension of Odyssey, four countries—Malaysia, the Philippines, India, and Singapore—have actively participated in this digital extravaganza. The focal point of the competition features eight teams, each comprising five members, engaged in an intense battle in the realm of Call of Duty: Mobile. The stakes are high, with a substantial cash prize of fifty thousand US Dollars awaiting the victorious team.

Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh expressed optimism regarding the festival's impact, stating, "We hope that this first-of-its-kind gaming festival organized in Shillong will not only serve as a source of encouragement for gamers but also provide them with a robust platform to showcase their skills."

As Odyssey unfolds, it promises to be more than just a gaming event; it's a cultural celebration, a convergence of technology, and a testament to the growing influence of esports in the region. With participants from different corners of the globe, the festival is poised to leave an indelible mark on Shillong's cultural landscape.

In an era where gaming has evolved from a niche interest to a global phenomenon, Odyssey stands as a testament to the growing recognition of esports in India. As the competition heats up and the digital battleground comes alive, Shillong welcomes gamers and spectators alike to witness the birth of a new era in the gaming realm.


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