Meghalaya: TMC Demands Independent Investigation and Police Suspensions After Violent Mob Attack on Meghalaya CM

In the aftermath of a violent mob attack, the Meghalaya Trinamool Congress calls for an impartial probe, accusing the police of negligence and possible complicity in the incident.
Meghalaya: TMC Demands Independent Investigation and Police Suspensions After Violent Mob Attack on Meghalaya CM

SHILLONG: In the wake of a violent mob attack on July 24th, the Meghalaya Trinamool Congress (MTMC) has taken a strong stand demanding justice and accountability. The incident occurred during protests in Tura, where demonstrators demanded that Tura be named the winter capital of Meghalaya. However, the peaceful protests turned chaotic when an unruly mob gheraoed the office of the state's Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma, and resorted to pelting stones, leading to several security personnel being injured.

Reacting to the shocking events, the MTMC has issued an official statement on July 26th, demanding an impartial investigation into the incident. They specifically called for the immediate suspension of the Director General of Police (DGP), LR Bishnoi, and the Superintendent of Police (SP) of Tura. The party alleges that the negligence of these officials endangered the life of the Chief Minister and put innocent lives at risk during the gathering.

The AITC has expressed concerns about the possibility of police complicity in the violence. They have pointed out that the DGP himself declared the attack as pre-planned with the intent to harm the Chief Minister. The party questioned how the police department failed to detect the conspiracy in advance, despite indications of mounting anger directed at a cabinet minister, which were evident in social media posts. They claim that the police overlooked the situation, allowing the violence to unfold.

In their official statement, the AITC insisted on an independent investigation monitored by the High Court to ensure a thorough examination of the incident. They raised questions about police involvement in instigating the violence, suspecting that they might have had prior knowledge of a "planned conspiracy."

The MTMC's demand for an independent probe comes with the goal of unveiling any potential cover-ups or biased investigations that might occur within the police department. By seeking High Court monitoring, they aim to ensure transparency and accountability throughout the investigative process.

Amidst their condemnation of the violence, the party also expressed solidarity with the victims who were affected by the mob attack. The incident has raised serious concerns about the security measures in place to safeguard the Chief Minister's well-being, especially in his own constituency.

The violence during the protests and its aftermath have left a scar on the state, prompting political parties like the AITC to call for responsible action and accountability. As investigations into the incident begin, the focus remains on uncovering the truth and ensuring justice for those affected by the unfortunate events in Tura.

In conclusion, the AITC's demand for an impartial investigation and the suspension of key police officials reflects their commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring the safety of elected representatives. As Meghalaya grapples with the aftermath of the mob attack, the need for an independent probe becomes paramount to restore public trust and confidence in the state's law enforcement system.


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