Prestone Tynsong Confident About NPP Win in Meghalaya

He expressed confidence in his party bagging 32-33 seats and forming a government by themselves
Prestone Tynsong Confident About NPP Win in Meghalaya

SHILLONG: Several political parties including the major national players Bharatiya Janta Party and Indian National Congress have been accusing the National People’s Party for corruption across multiple departments of the Meghalaya government during the days of the previous government. Now the Deputy Chief Minister during the previous government, Prestone Tynsong has mentioned that the multiple parties participating in the state elections this year will indirectly help the National People’s Party.

Prestone Tynsong has also mentioned that the star campaigners of multiple parties are not well versed with the local politics and state of affairs of Meghalaya. He also mentioned that multiple political parties including Congress, Trinamool Congress and United Democratic Party have fielded their candidates in multiple constituencies of the state. And this might lead to the division of votes of the opposition and ultimately benefit the National People’s Party.

Several noted political leaders including Jagat Prakash Nadda, Himata Biswa Sarma, Rahul Gandhi, Pawan Khera, Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee have taken part in political campaigning in the state. He also mentioned that although many candidates are appearing for the elections, eventually only a few will remain consequential on the day of counting.

He also added that since Conrad is the National President of the National People’s Party and all their candidates are local people, they understand the local dynamics better than anyone coming from outside. “We are from the state. We don't need any other people to come from outside because they don't know anything about it. We were born and raised in Meghalaya and know the issues which really matter to the people of Meghalaya," he said.

Prestone Tynsong also expressed confidence in his party bagging 32-33 seats and forming a government by themselves, improving the previous year’s record. They aim to bag 19 out of the 36 seats from the Khasi and Jaintia hills and 13-14 out of 24 in the Garo hills.

With the voting less than a week away and counting on March 2, it remains to see if the NPP can retain the state government or lose it to its competitors.

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