Mizoram: Lengpui Airport Firefighters Rescue Myanmar Air Force Crew in Daring Operation

AAI Fire Station heroes avert disaster as Myanmar aircraft skids; brave rescue and swift medical aid save lives.
Mizoram: Lengpui Airport Firefighters Rescue Myanmar Air Force Crew in Daring Operation

AIZAWL: In a remarkable display of courage and efficiency, the dedicated personnel of Lengpui Airport's Airports Authority of India (AAI) Fire Station emerged as unsung heroes on January 24. A Myanmar Air Force aircraft, landing at Lengpui Airport around 10:19 AM, faced a perilous situation as it skidded off the left side of the runway at full speed. Swift action ensued as a full emergency was declared, prompting the Lengpui Airport AAI Fire Station team to spring into action with their Crash Fire Tender. They immediately reached the site of the accident and doused the fuming engine, preventing the aircraft from catching flames.

The situation intensified as fuel leaked from the damaged aircraft. Undeterred, the fire staff promptly tackled the leakage with foam. Amidst the chaos, a team of firefighters bravely entered the plane to rescue the 14 Myanmar Air Force crew members onboard. The operation didn't end there; eight crew members who sustained injuries were swiftly transported to Lengpui Primary Health Centre for medical attention.

The quick and coordinated response from the Lengpui Airport AAI Fire Station personnel showcased their unwavering dedication to saving lives and preventing a potential catastrophe. The firefighters' heroism was particularly evident as they faced the dual challenge of extinguishing the engine fire and managing the fuel leak, displaying remarkable skill under pressure.

As the situation unfolded, the Lengpui Airport AAI Fire Station team's actions not only prevented the aircraft from further damage but also ensured the safety of the Myanmar Air Force crew. The daring entry into the plane to rescue crew members demonstrated their commitment to going above and beyond in the face of adversity.

The aftermath of the incident saw the injured crew members promptly receiving medical attention at the Lengpui Primary Health Centre, highlighting the seamless coordination between the firefighting team and medical facilities. The entire operation underscored the importance of well-trained and courageous emergency response teams in averting potential disasters.

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