Mizoram: Weather Hinders Repatriation Efforts for 29 Myanmar Army Soldiers Sheltered in Mizoram

Inclement weather in Mizoram delays the return of 29 Myanmar soldiers seeking refuge in India after clashes with rebel groups.
Mizoram: Weather Hinders Repatriation Efforts for 29 Myanmar Army Soldiers Sheltered in Mizoram

AIZAWL: In the Northeastern state of Mizoram, adverse weather conditions have disrupted the repatriation plans for 29 Myanmar army soldiers who sought refuge in India following intense clashes with pro-democracy rebel groups in their home country.

These soldiers crossed the border into Mizoram for safety after their camp in Chin state was captured by a local militia group aligned with the pro-democracy movement. The Indian Air Force (IAF) had initiated airlift operations to transport these soldiers back to Myanmar. However, the incessant rains and bad weather in Mizoram have impeded the IAF's choppers from landing, prolonging the soldiers' stay in India.

The incursion into Mizoram began earlier in the week when at least 45 Myanmar army personnel fled to Mizoram after their military camps in Khawmawi and Rihkhawdar, two border villages in Myanmar's Chin state near the Indian border, were overrun by the People’s Defence Force (PDF), a militia group supporting the pro-democracy cause.

Mizoram Inspector General of Police (Headquarters) Lalbiakthanga Khiangte revealed that the 29 soldiers escaped from their camp at Tuibual in Chin state, just a few kilometers from the Indo-Myanmar border. Upon their arrival in Mizoram, they were received by state police and Assam Rifles at Saikhumphai hamlet in Champhai district near the Tiau river, the natural boundary between India and Myanmar.

This incident brings the total number of Myanmar soldiers seeking asylum in Mizoram to 74, all fleeing recent confrontations with ethnic armed groups. Police sources indicate that 45 soldiers have already been successfully repatriated to their home country.

The situation highlights the complex challenges faced by individuals caught in the crossfire of geopolitical conflicts and underscores the role of neighboring nations in providing refuge during times of crisis. The unpredictable weather conditions in Mizoram add an additional layer of complexity to the repatriation efforts, emphasizing the need for swift and coordinated actions to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected by the ongoing unrest in the region.


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