Nagaland: Assam Rifles Commander Donates Chairs and Hearing Aids to Ex-Servicemen in Nagaland

The Commander of Assam Rifles has provided chairs and hearing aids to the Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen Association in Kohima, Nagaland, demonstrating ongoing commitment to the welfare of retired personnel.
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DIMAPUR: The Commander of Assam Rifles has donated chairs and hearing aids to Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen Association in Kohima Nagaland. This emphasizes the organization's ongoing commitment to the welfare of its retired personnel.

In a heartfelt gesture underscoring Assam Rifles' dedication to their former members, the Commander recently donated chairs and hearing aids. The donation took place in Nagaland's capital Kohima. This initiative is part of Assam Rifles' broader efforts to enhance the quality of life for their retired soldiers. It demonstrates a deep commitment to supporting them even after their active duty has ended.

The event saw a warm response from ex-servicemen. They expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the continued support from Assam Rifles. The donation of hearing aids was particularly significant. It addressed a critical health need among elderly veterans and ensured they have the necessary resources to maintain a good quality of life.

"The Assam Rifles has always stood by its retired personnel and this donation is testament to our unwavering commitment to their well-being" said the Commander of Assam Rifles during the event. "We understand the challenges they face. It is our duty to support them in every possible way."

The provision of chairs also underscored the organization's efforts to ensure that the ex-servicemen have access to comfortable and practical resources. This initiative reflects the Assam Rifles' holistic approach to welfare. It focuses not only on medical needs but also on everyday comforts that significantly impact the lives of the veterans.

Earlier this month on July 5, the Assam Rifles also demonstrated their dedication to community welfare Organizing a cleanliness drive with locals at Yangnomphai and New Lajang Village in Manipur's Chandel District This initiative aimed to maintain hygienic drainage and sanitation systems. It addressed potential health hazards and promoted cleaner environment for the local communities.

The cleanliness drive involved active participation from both Assam Rifles personnel and local residents. This highlighted importance of collaborative efforts in community health and hygiene. The Assam Rifles by engaging with local population, reinforced their role. They are not only a security force but also a community-oriented organization.


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