Meghalaya: Local Taxi Association Urges Meghalaya Government to Restrict Out-of-State Vehicles at Tourist Destinations

The All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association has appealed to the state government to restrict vehicles from outside Meghalaya from ferrying passengers to local tourist destinations.
All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association

SHILLONG: In a recent appeal to the state government the All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association has called for prohibition on vehicles from outside Meghalaya ferrying passengers within the state to local tourist destinations. The association argued that while tourist taxis from other states should be permitted to bring tourists into Meghalaya. The responsibility of transporting them to various tourist spots should be reserved exclusively for local taxi operators.

The association addressed Meghalaya Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh in a formal letter. They specified that the journey for out-of-state vehicles should terminate in Shillong. After dropping off tourists in the capital, these vehicles should then return to their respective states. This ensures that local taxi services manage all intra-state transportation.

The association highlighted the significant influx of vehicles into Meghalaya. Approximately 3500 vehicles bring tourists into the state daily. Of these, more than 2400 are from outside Meghalaya. This poses challenge to local operators. In stark contrast local tourist taxis number just over 1,100.

The association also pointed out that despite there being over 5100 Meghalaya-registered vehicles, more than 4000 of them operate without passengers. This disparity has severely impacted local taxi operators. They are losing business on a daily basis. The overwhelming presence of out-of-state vehicles caters to tourists.

The association emphasized the urgent need for governmental intervention to address this issue. By restricting out-of-state vehicles to only bringing tourists into the state and not allowing them to operate within, local taxi operators believe that livelihoods can be protected. A fair business environment can be maintained.

This appeal comes amidst growing concerns. The sustainability of local taxi services is at risk. These services play crucial role in the tourism sector of Meghalaya. The association’s call for action underscores the importance of supporting local businesses and ensuring that the benefits of tourism are equitably distributed.

The All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association's plea for immediate intervention seeks to restore balance and fairness in the local tourism transportation sector.


All Khasi Meghalaya Tourist Taxi Association
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