Nagaland Congress Chief Accuses BJP Government of Stalling Naga Peace Process

Nagaland's political landscape is embroiled in accusations and counter-accusations as the Congress party's state president, S Supongmeren Jamir, points fingers at the BJP-led central government for impeding the progress of the Naga peace process.
Nagaland Congress Chief Accuses BJP Government of Stalling Naga Peace Process

KOHIMA: Nagaland Congress President S Supongmeren Jamir has fiercely accused the BJP-led central government of thwarting progress in resolving the long-standing Naga political issue. Though two agreements are in place, Jamir considers the failure in the progression of the Naga peace process as it is linked to the presence of the BJP, and the lack of opposition in the Nagaland state assembly. Jamir describes how this impasse has adverse effects on the delivery of services as promised by the government, particularly in terms of employment opportunities and development schemes.

He also decries the reported divide-and-rule strategy by the central government, thereby compelling the state to follow up on the Frontier Nagaland issue. Jamir, who is the intending candidate for the Lok Sabha elections and representing the Congress party, promises to wage a lively campaign against what he calls a BJP-led Modi government's obstructionism.

Jamir has quite vocally and courageously bared his mind and therefore his heart at the handling of the Naga political problem by the BJP-led central government, accusing it of setting in motion the peace process, even with the existence of two agreements. Jamir exemplifies the importance of representation by the opposition and justice for the people of Nagaland through pointed criticism towards the BJP's alleged influence on the decision-making process. He also expresses deep concern on the stagnation in fulfilling promises made to the people of Nagaland, specifically on employment opportunities and developmental initiatives.

Jamir strongly condemns the central government's handling of the Frontier Nagaland issue, which he claims is a divide-and-rule strategy and expresses solidarity with the ENPO demands. He asserts that the grievances of the ENPO are legitimate and again castigates the BJP government for what he perceives as misguided actions.

While Jamir sees himself as the intending candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, he reaffirms the Congress party's commitment to fighting for the interests of Nagaland and ensuring justice for its people. He pledges to stand firm against what he describes as obstructionism from the Modi-led BJP government, emphasizing the importance of truth and unity in the face of divisive tactics.


Nagaland Congress Chief Accuses BJP Government of Stalling Naga Peace Process
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