Tripura: Assam Rifles Eradicate Illicit Marijuana Plantations over Rs. 1 Crore in Tripura

Joint Operation by State Police and Tripura State Rifles Yields Success in War Against Drugs
Tripura: Assam Rifles Eradicate Illicit Marijuana Plantations over Rs. 1 Crore in Tripura

TRIPURA: In a brave move to combat the burgeoning drug trade, the Assam Rifles, in collaboration with the State Police and Tripura State Rifles, have successfully obliterated 30,000 illicit marijuana plantations in the General Area Lembucherra of Tripura. The operation, executed with precision, has dealt a significant blow to the drug menace, with the destroyed marijuana valued at an estimated Rs. 1.05 crore in the market.

The Inspector General of Assam Rifles (HQ IGAR) (East) headquarters on Sunday declared the joint operation a success, stressing the forces’ unwavering commitment to stamp out illegal cannabis cultivation.

Eradication efforts focused on cultivated cannabis plants, ensuring that some 30,000 of them were carefully destroyed and subsequently set on fire This latest achievement comes on the heels of another notable breakthrough in the war on drugs.

Earlier in the week, Assam Rifles arrested two drug peddlers in General Area Patharkandi, which comes under the jurisdiction of Patharkandi police station in Karimganj district of Assam. This suspicion led to a massive seizure of 22,000 Yaba tablets, valued at Rs. 3.8 crore in the illegal market.

Along with the cache of Yaba tablets, police found another piece of incriminating evidence in the form of a mobile phone, worth Rs. 20,000, and up to 10,500 counterfeit Indian currency notes (FICN). The combined efforts of Assam Rifles, State Police and Tripura State Rifles reflect the integrated approach of breaking drug trafficking networks, further reinforcing the commitment to keep the region free from drugs. The quick measures taken by the security forces highlight how the authorities are tackling the widespread drug trade and related activities. As the fight against the cultivation and distribution of illegal drugs continues, such joint initiatives are a testament to their commitment to protecting the interests of communities and preventing harmful influences if the effects of drugs on society

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