Nagaland: Postal Ballot Casting Commences in Dimapur

Facilitating Essential Workers' Voting Process
Nagaland: Postal Ballot Casting Commences in Dimapur

NAGALAND: Voting for essential functionaries began today at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Dimapur, for the ease, convenience and flexibility of those who are unable to vote in person due to their duties. The project, which is being coordinated by Electoral Assistant Commissioner (EAC) and Nodal Officer for Postal Ballots, Litzenthung Kikon, aims to ensure participation of every eligible voter in the democratic process.

A total of 18 key employees were eligible to vote by postal ballot, and 15 exercised this right during the opening day of the voting period This indicates that key employees who are made aware of their voting methods a they will be quickly adopted will be actively involved.

The postal voting period will be extended till April 10, 2024, which is valid every day from 9 am to 5 pm, at the office of the Deputy Commissioner at Dimapur This scheme is available to eligible candidates who are unable to reach polling stations often used on election day due to their work commitments.

With efforts to increase voter's mass participation and relieve the busy schedules of the staffs, this new voting measure is an example to a commitment to include and to ensure that everyone is heard every voice in the electoral process.

The program by far has received positive feedback from eligible voters, as it provides them with an easy opportunity to cast their votes without interrupting their vital services The Office of the Deputy Commissioner is dedicated to providing a smooth voting experience and is efficient for all participants at designated postal voting times.

As postal elections are underway in Dimapur, it highlights the importance of electoral participation of those who matter, thereby strengthening the democratic values ​​upheld by the electoral system.

For further details and inquiries regarding the postal election process, eligible voters are advised to contact the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in Dimapur during the prescribed office hours. Election officials are committed to ensuring transparency and accessibility throughout the electoral process.

Postal voting in Dimapur represents an important step in promoting democratic engagement and recognizes the valuable contribution of important functionaries to the electoral environment.

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