Nagaland: Villagers of Wanching goes crazy over 'Diamond' like stones

The supposed precious stone was found by a villager while farming
Photo taken from the Twitter account of @rupin1992

Photo taken from the Twitter account of @rupin1992

Kohima: The news of 'diamond' like stones found in Wanching village of Mon district, Nagaland has taken over the social media. It spread like wildfire on November 25 as people were sharing pictures and videos of the supposed 'diamond' on all the social media platforms. There were reports of the villagers digging the ground in search of the supposed precious stone.

The 'diamond' like stone was found by one of the villagers of Wanching when he was farming in the field. The village council chairman of Wanching, Mon district,  Tonyei Angh said that when they hit the supposed precious stone by a hammer, it broke into pieces, which proved that it was not a diamond.

The chairman also informed the Assam Rifles personnel stationed nearby the village, to check the 'diamond' like stone. They also clarified that it is not a diamond but a crystal stone.

The Nagaland government ordered an investigation into this much-hyped incident. An order was issued by the Director of Department of Geology and Mining, S. Manen that four geologists are directed "to investigate and submit the status report at the earliest" about the supposed precious stone.

In the meantime, the village council issued an order for its resident to not circulate any fake news on social media. Such behaviour will not be tolerated in the future, said the notice.

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