Sikkim: Gangtok Bans Earth Excavation During Monsoon to Prevent Landslides

The Gangtok district administration has suspended new earth excavation activities from June 1 to September 30, prioritizing safety and property protection.
Sikkim: Gangtok Bans Earth Excavation During Monsoon to Prevent Landslides

GANGTOK: In proactive move to mitigate landslide risks during the upcoming monsoon season Gangtok district administration has issued a ban on new earth excavation activities from June 1 to September 30. District Collector Tushar G Nikhare announced the directive under Section 30 of the Disaster Management Act 2005. He cited increased vulnerability to landslides due to monsoon rains. Hill-cutting practices also contribute. The order specifically aims to prevent potential property damage. It ensures safety of residents. In Gangtok, the order issued by Nikhare in his capacity as chairman of district disaster management authority strictly prohibits any new earth excavation projects within the stipulated timeframe.

This measure is part of a broader strategy aiming to safeguard the region. The area is particularly prone to landslides. This happens during heavy rains of the monsoon season. Historical data has shown that Sikkim with its hilly terrain faces significant challenges from landslides. These challenges are exacerbated by human activities as the practices such as hill cutting and construction intensify problem.

However the order does make exceptions for activities essential for protection restoration and maintenance. This ensures necessary infrastructure and safety measures can still be implemented without delay. The administration emphasized that these permitted activities are crucial. They are essential for maintaining stability. Safety of existing structures and essential services must also be ensured.

Gangtok's decision aligns with broader effort across the Northeast. This aims to address environmental and safety challenges posed by monsoon. The region's topography and climatic conditions make it particularly susceptible. Natural disasters are common here. Proactive measures like this are critical. They aid in disaster preparedness. They aid in risk reduction.

Residents and contractors in district are urged to comply with new regulations. This should contribute to collective effort to enhance community safety. The district administration has assured it will closely monitor compliance. It will enforce ban to prevent unauthorized excavation activities.

The administration's timely intervention reflects commitment to proactive disaster management. It underscores importance of preventive measures in safeguarding lives and property. As monsoon season approaches such initiatives are vital and crucial. These measures build resilience. This reduces the impact of natural disasters in which vulnerable communities in Sikkim benefit immensely.


Sikkim: Gangtok Bans Earth Excavation During Monsoon to Prevent Landslides
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