Sikkim: Multiple Landslides Block Roads, Tourists Stranded

Massive landslide in 20 mile area cuts off connection between Gangtok and Siliguri, travellers warned not to travel.
Sikkim: Multiple Landslides Block Roads, Tourists Stranded

GANGTOK: Heavy rain over many parts of Sikkim have triggered multiple landslides which have compelled the government to bring out a notification for the public urging them not to travel unless it is very important like medical emergencies and like, officials said on Thursday. 

The report stated that a massive landslide in 20 Mile area between Singtam and Rangpo in East Sikkim blocked National Highway 20 which cut off the area from the capital city of Gangtok.

This is the second blow in a week's time for the 20 mile area severely affecting the connection between Gangtok and Siliguri which is one of the main business corridors in India.

Vehicles have been stranded on both sides of the landslide spot and alternate routes via Pakyong and Pandam have also been blocked at several locations due to multiple landslides.

The authorities of East Sikkim district said it may take some time to clear the landslide at 20 Mile area as heavy rain has hampered the clearing process, and the low hanging rocks are posing a threat.

Department of roads and bridges issued an advisory asking people not to travel unless absolutely necessary since incessant rain has loosen the rocks and cliffs, making them prone to landslides.

The Indian Army has rescued 74 tourists, who were stranded in a massive landslide, caused by the glacial lake burst in Yumthang Valley in North Sikkim.

The department has also issued a statement where it mentions that many roads have been damaged throughout the state and the department is working to restore road connectivity at the earliest.

Another northeastern state Manipur also suffered a massive landslide in June this year killing more than 40 people and injuring several others, 8 of the deceased were from Assam.

India's northeast comprises of hills which are geologically young and are in the Zone 5 of the earthquake belt which makes the whole region prone to landslides and flood.

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