Tripura: Amit Shah likely to visit Tripura on 11th January

Ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, Amit Shah is poised to boost BJP's election apparatus in Tripura
Tripura: Amit Shah likely to visit Tripura on 11th January

TRIPURA: On January 11, Union Home Minister Amit Shah plans to visit the Northeastern state of Tripura in a tactical effort to rally backing for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prior to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled for 2024. Sources from within the Tripura BJP have confirmed this news.

The BJP views the visit as a pivotal move in its campaign strategy, which involves strengthening their electoral apparatus and consolidating their hold over the locality. In anticipation of Shah's arrival, several conferences are presently being organized at party and ministerial levels to make necessary arrangements.

Dr. Manik Saha, Chief Minister of Tripura, is conducting an important meeting with the State BJP Chief Rajib Bhattacharjee along with former Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Varma and other prominent leaders of the party in Tripura. The agenda for discussion revolves around evaluating the party's present status quo, devising campaign strategies and streamlining organizational preparations ahead of impending elections.

Insiders involved with the progress have stressed that Shah's arrival plays a key role in an all-encompassing plan designed to reinforce BJP's stance in Tripura. The Minister of Home Affairs is expected to speak at public events, engage with party officials, and conduct important discussions with regional figures for evaluating the political scenario.

Shah's visit is aimed at strengthening his party's position in Tripura and laying a groundwork for the upcoming elections as part of an all-inclusive approach. Although the comprehensive itinerary of Amit Shah's plans during his trip has not been announced yet, it is predicted that his appointments will involve various meetings intended to invigorate the party supporters and assess public opinion.

As political parties compete for influence in the Northeast, Tripura has become a crucial battleground. The BJP's concentrated efforts to garner support through prominent visits and tactical arrangements highlight the importance of this area on the broader political spectrum as we head towards the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.


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