Tripura: Tripura Opposition Leader Urges CM for Roman Script Integration in Kokborok Education

Tripura: Tripura Opposition Leader Urges CM for Roman Script Integration in Kokborok Education

Animesh Debbarma Calls for Dual Script Textbooks and Question Papers to Foster Inclusivity in English Medium Schools

TRIPURA: In a measure to bring in inclusiveness and equality of students enrolled in English medium schools, Tripura Opposition Leader Animesh Debbarma has called on Chief Minister Dr. Manik Saha.

CM Manik Saha urged Kokborok to ensure the inclusion of Roman script in educational materials . Following the Tripura government’s decision to allow the use of Roman script in Kokborok examinations, Debbarma highlighted the need to extend this policy in textbooks and question papers to make it available to students from different language backgrounds emphasizing equal rights He described the move as necessary.

Addressing to the media at his office premises in the Tripura Assembly, Debbarma lauded Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for taking progressive steps to recognize languages ​​in the country. He expressed his gratitude to CM Manik Saha. However, he also emphasized the importance of establishing a permanent solution to this issue by officially introducing dual scripts in Kokborok education. Besides advocating the idea of ​​genuine sensitivity between Kokborok speakers and students, Debbarma suggested publishing the requisite text materials in Roman Bengali script that would meet the demands of students who are appearing in the exam.

This would be an ideal practice in the future that would ascertain to give a greater power to the Kokborok speaking people. Moreover, Debbarma stressed the importance of prioritizing Kokborok education for all the people of the country irrespective of language. Drawing on his experience as a fluent speaker of Bengali and Kokborok, he emphasized the potential of promoting diversity of languages ​​as a means of forging relations between tribals and non-tribals.

The appeal for introducing the Roman script into Kokborok education aligns with broader efforts that would linguistic diversity and inclusivity in the territory of Tripura's education system. With the advocacy of Animesh Debbarma, there is positivity ensure to have an inclusive educational environment which would accommodatethe linguistic preferences of all students apart from of their background or medium of instruction.

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