Tripura: Tripura to Receive Vande Bharat Express, Cutting Travel Time to Guwahati

Union Minister Pratima Bhoumik announced the imminent introduction of Tripura's first Vande Bharat Express.
Tripura: Tripura to Receive Vande Bharat Express, Cutting Travel Time to Guwahati

TRIPURA: In a landmark step towards improving transport connectivity in the North Eastern region of the country, Union Minister Pratima Bhoumik as she recently announced that the first ever Tripura Vande Bharat Express to be commenced and launched recently. Thus, these high-speed trains geared towards medium distances are poised to revolutionize transportation in the country, significantly reducing travel time.

The North Eastern Frontier Railway (NFR) has launched an important electrification project to pave the way for this transformation process in the state of Tripura. At present various efforts are being undertaken in order to electrify the railway lines from Dharma Nagar to Agartala. Expected to be completed within a span of the next three to four months. At the successful completion of this power project marks a milestone in Tripura’s transport infrastructure.

Once the electrification project is completed, Vande Bharat Express will extend its services to Agartala, reducing travel time significantly. Union Minister Bhoumik also emphasized on the fact that with this expansion, passengers can travel between Agartala and Guwahati in just four to five hours, which is a huge improvement from now. Addressing an election rally in Dhanpur, he stressed that the rapid progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in contrast to the long delay observed earlier.

Bhoumik also highlighted the recent stark contrast between the slow pace of previous governments and the rapid growth under Prime Minister Modi. He pointed out that the rail journey from Dharma Nagar to Churaibari used to take 44 years and yet under the present regime, the broadband reached Agartala in just two years. Additionally, he said the train service has been extended to Subroom in the south of the state by 2020, stressing the government’s commitment to increase connectivity in the region.

At present the journey between Agartala and Guwahati takes about 12 hours by train. Thus this journey time is expected to be constantly reduced with the launch of Vande Bharat Express and the completion of the electrification project, providing passengers with a faster and more efficient mode of transportation between the two destinations

The imminent arrival of the Vande Bharat Express heralds a new era of connectivity for Tripura, promising accessibility and convenience for passengers in the region and beyond.

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