X Corp Bans Accounts in India, In Line with New IT Rules

X Corp, formerly Twitter, takes robust measures in line with India's IT Rules, banning accounts and addressing grievances to maintain platform integrity.
X Corp Bans Accounts in India, In Line with New IT Rules

NEW DELHI: In recent months, X Corp, previously recognized as Twitter, has intensified its efforts to combat violations on its platform, resulting in a remarkable 2,395,495 account bans during the June-July period in India. The primary reason for these bans was the propagation of child sexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity.

Preceding this, in the span from May 26 to June 25, X Corp had already suspended 544,473 accounts in India. Simultaneously, the platform removed 1,772 accounts due to their affiliation with promoting terrorism within the country.

This heightened vigilance by X Corp aligns seamlessly with India's new IT Rules of 2021, which mandate significant digital and social media platforms, boasting over 5 million users, to publish monthly compliance reports. In strict adherence to these regulations, X Corp meticulously detailed its actions and addressed user complaints in a report.

Despite a minor delay of approximately one week and initial technical glitches that hindered report accessibility, the company conscientiously fulfilled its obligation to ensure transparency. The report, customarily unveiled on the first day of each month, encountered a momentary disruption.

In the subsequent timeframe, spanning from June 26 to July 25, X Corp persisted in its stringent approach, resulting in the banning of 1,851,022 accounts and the removal of an additional 2,865 accounts linked to terrorism promotion in India. The microblogging giant interacted with its users through grievance redressal mechanisms, amassing 2,056 complaints during this interval.

Significantly, the platform undertook the review of 49 grievances concerning account suspensions between June 26 and July 25. This meticulous scrutiny led to the reversal of one account suspension based on a specific circumstance. However, the remaining reported accounts continue to remain suspended.

Prominent user grievances from India predominantly encompassed abuse/harassment, accounting for 1,783 cases, followed by instances of hateful conduct (54 cases), privacy infringements (48 cases), and child sexual exploitation (46 cases).


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