The World's Top 10 Women Boxers of All Time

Traditionally, boxing was viewed as the sport of men. However, a small number of women have been able to overcome such clichés and become renowned in the world of boxing.
The World's Top 10 Women Boxers of All Time

Traditionally, boxing was viewed as the sport of men. However, a small number of women have been able to overcome such clichés and become renowned in the world of boxing. The first ever female boxer, Elizabeth Wilkinson, gave other boxers a legacy and a platform. 

She competed when in an odd way, the sport was bias against men and we frequently witness brutality, rage, revenge, and agitation. Modern female boxers have fully embraced the sport and written a piece of history by achieving numerous impressive feats.

There have been numerous outstanding female boxers over the years, and in this article, we focus on the 10 greatest of all time. From contenders who were invincible to world champions, these women have left their fingerprint on their sports and are respected by many of their peers as role models.

History Of Female Boxing

Even though female boxing's prominence and stature have increased significantly in recent years, the sport has a long history of outstanding competitors who set the path for today's superstars. Although there is evidence of women fighting dating back to the 18th century, sports commissioners banned professional female bouts for many years, declaring the practice to be unlawful. Women's boxing made its Olympic debut in London in 2012, while the first-ever female boxing contest happened in the United Kingdom in 1998.

The incredible accomplishments of female athletes such as 2012 Olympic gold medallist Clarisse Shields, the first boxer (male or female) to simultaneously hold all four major world titles in two weight divisions, are on display today. In addition, seven-division world champion Amanda Nunes and undefeated Katie Taylor have won gold medals in the Women's World Championship five times in a row, six times in the European Championship, and five times in the European Union Championship.

Top 10 Female Boxers of all time

Women's boxing has been around for a while, but many of the greatest fighters didn't have the kind of challenging opponents that produced exciting bouts. But that is no longer the case. Women's boxing has achieved success in both the heavyweight and lighter weight divisions.

The greatest female boxers of all time are listed here.

Lucia Rijker

Lucy Rijker, one of the most renowned female fighters in history, participated in a light welterweight division and won many world titles. She was once known as "the world's most dangerous lady".

The former kickboxing world champion is one of the only three women to be in the Hall of Fame. After a perfect 17-0 record in boxing, and with 14 knockouts, she retired.

Ann Wolfe

Ann Wolfe was regarded as the strongest female fighter in the sport until her retirement in 2006. Of her 26 fights, 16 were won by knockout.

Laila Ali

Laila Ali is the daughter of the the greatest heavyweight boxer in history, Muhammad Ali. Despite competing in American women's boxing, she carved a name of her own. She did this by going through 42 undefeated fights and winning world titles in two different weight classes.

 When she won the IBA light-heavyweight title in 2004, the American woman became the second person to emulate the exceptional feat of the great Henry Armstrong by holding three world titles in three different weight class at the same time.

Claressa Shields

Having already won the light-middleweight and super-middleweight titles, Claressa Shields is the unchallenged middleweight champion.

She is the fastest boxer to win world titles at two and three different weight classes in professional fights, and she has won two gold medals in the Olympics in a row (in 2012 and 2016).

Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor, a contemporary icon and pioneer in women's boxing, had a remarkable career competing as a female prizefighter in both amateur and professional divisions.

With five world titles and an Olympic gold medal under her belt, she enjoyed a tremendous amateur career before turning pro and became the uncontested lightweight queen.

Cecilia Braekhus

Since 2014, Cecilia Braekhus, popularly referred to as "The First Lady," has been the unchallenged welterweight champion. She is simply among the greatest in the world right now.

The Norwegian was the first boxer in any division to receive the Boxing Writers Association of America's Female boxer of the Year award, and she was also the first woman to simultaneously hold every alphabet title.

Amanda Serrano

With nine victories in seven categories, Amanda Serrano of Puerto Rico is the first female world champion in more than four weight classes.

The gifted southpaw is referred to as "Real Deal," and WBN has twice awarded her Women's Fighter of the Year title.

Regina Halmich

One of the finest female fighters of all time, Regina Halmich, was instrumental in bringing women's boxing to Europe.

Before retiring in 2007, the well-known German boxer was the unchallenged winner of the flyweight, super-flyweight, and light-flyweight classes. She had only lost one battle out of 56.

Christy Martin

The first woman to be admitted into the Hall of Fame was Christy Martin, a trailblazer in the sport of women's boxing and fighter for 23 years.

"The Coal Miner's Daughter," one of the most well-known fighters in the sport, competed until 2012, when she made the decision to put up her gloves.

Mia St. John

Known by her nickname "The Knockout," Mia St. John had a protracted career during which she captured numerous titles in the lightweight and light-middleweight divisions.

Between 1997 and 2016, this Mexican-American boxer participated in 65 fights in five different weight classes.

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