Dispur Sets New Criteria For Government Jobs

Dispur Sets New Criteria For Government Jobs

Besides two-child norm, violation of Child Marriage Act will also make one ineligible to apply


GUWAHATI: From January 1, 2021, couples having more than two children as well as those violating the ‘Child Marriage Act, 2006’ will be ineligible to apply for government jobs.

The decision to this effect was taken by the State Council of Ministers during its meeting held on October 21. To enforce the same, amendment has been proposed in ‘The Assam Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1965’; and the proposed notification will be known as ‘The Assam Services (Application of Small Family Norms in Direct (Recruitment) Rules, 2019’. The Personnel Department will be issuing the notification shortly.

Several States have already adopted the policy for small family.

The Assam Government has already notified the ‘Population and Women Empowerment Policy of Assam’ and three conditions have been incorporated for participation in the Government:

Therefore, no person shall be eligible for appointment to any service and post under the government of Assam if the person has married in violation of ‘The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 (Act 6 of 2007). In Section 2(a) of this Act a ‘Child’ is defined as “a person who if a male, has not completed 21 years of age; and if a female, has not completed 18 years of age.” Section 2 (b) of this Act defines ‘Child Marriage’ as “a marriage to which either of the contracting parties is a child”.

On the other hand, as per the ‘Small Family Norms’, no person having more than two living children on or after January 1, 2021 from a single or multiple partners shall be eligible for appointment in any services and posts under the State government.

However exception has been made with respect to the following two conditions:

(a) If “an applicant has only one living child from an earlier delivery but more than one child are born out of subsequent delivery, the children so born shall be deemed to be one entity while counting the number of children.”

(b) “A person having more than two living children before January 1, 2021 shall not be ineligible so long as the number of children he/she has before the mentioned date does not increase on after that date.”

Hence, the proposal “ensures that the candidates who follow the ‘Small Family Norms’ and do not have more than two children would be eligible for direct recruitment in the Government jobs.”

Moreover, an applicant for any State government job will have to submit a declaration in a specified form and append it with his/her application for appointment to the effect that he/she fulfills the set criteria.

It has also been warned that if it is found on a subsequent verification that the information furnished by an applicant in the declaration form was not true, he/she shall be liable to be dismissed from service.

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