Four cinema halls of Guwahati on the verge of shutting down

Hit by the COVID pandemic, hall owners decided to keep the theatre shut as they will have to undergo huge losses if they reopen theatres with 50 % audience
Four cinema halls of Guwahati on the verge of shutting down

Guwahati: Since the COVID pandemic hit the state and lockdown was imposed, the film industry has been adversely affected. Cinema halls have shut down, one after another, across the Assam.

According to reports, four cinema halls of Guwahati- Apsara, Urvashi, Meghdoot, and Vandana cinema halls are on the verge of shutting down while the cinema hall in Vijaynagar has been closed down.

Cinema halls have been shut since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In October the Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines to reopen theatres with 50% audience. But members of the Guwahati Hall Association decided to keep the halls closed till mid-November. If they will reopen the theatre's 50 % audience, they will have to undergo loss, stated the hall owners.

According to a media report Chinmoy Sarma, president of All Assam Cinema Hall Owners Association informed that the shutting down of the cinema halls is not confirmed yet. However, four to five cinema halls in the city are not interested in resuming even after the lockdown.

He further informed that the cinema halls have been issued heavy electricity bills which resulted in heavy loss in the business. Their electricity connections have also been disconnected by the electricity board and due to this, the hall owners have decided to keep the halls closed. The Cinema Halls Association has not received any official statement from these four cinema halls yet, he added.

According to a report, India has lost over 20 to 30 percent of its cinema screens during the lockdown. Some cinema halls have resumed functioning in many parts of the country now.

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