Asthmatic and Got COVID? Here is What You Need to Do, Experts Speak

People with Asthma and respiratory illnesses are at risk of the Covid19 virus. Experts suggest measures to manage attacks and share other tips.
Asthmatic and Got COVID? Here is What You Need to Do, Experts Speak

World Asthma Day is observed on the first Tuesday of May to raise awareness about the illness. The Covid19 pandemic has worsened and the situation has intensified in India. People with Asthma and other respiratory illnesses are at more risk and are susceptible to catch the virus easily. Asthma is a condition where people face difficulty in breathing; it can either be minor or severe in some cases obstructing the daily activities of life. It's a chronic illness and some Asthma attacks can also be life-threatening.

Impact of covid on asthma patients,covid 19 infection tips for asthma patients,asthma patient covid-19 prevent tipsExperts say that people with any respiratory viruses can worsen the situation for people who already have Asthma and the symptoms of Covid19 may be severe in such patients. Asthma patients who have contracted the Covid19 virus should continue with their prescribed medications per schedule to manage the attacks. As the symptoms of Covid19 and the virus can be somewhat similar it is best advised to continue using their inhalers, bronchodilators, nebulizers, etc.

As the risk factor persists for asthma patients doctors and medical experts advise every one of 18 years and above to get vaccinated to prevent the implications of the dangerous virus. The benefit of getting vaccinated is that apart from protecting an individual from the virus it will also help in lessening the severity of the symptoms of Covid19.
Experts have suggested a few measures to manage chronic illnesses like asthma and other respiratory diseases during the pandemic. According to experts, If anyone is infected by the virus before getting vaccinated it is suggested they recovery properly before getting the dose. In the case of people contracting the virus after getting jabbed they are to take the second dosage of the vaccination after a brief gap of at least one month.
It is suggested that people with other auto-immune diseases, HIV patients, and cancer patients should consult the doctor before getting vaccinated. The government and the medical experts have been emphasizing the wearing of double masks before stepping out of the House. Although, we can't filter out all that is in the air the usage of masks safeguards patients with respiratory illnesses from environmental triggers.
Smoking is extremely injurious to health and more so for people with breathing problems and chronic illnesses like asthma. People are advised to quit smoking immediately as it can have life-threatening impacts. Taking steam twice a day also helps soothe chest congestion.
To manage the situation, people are advised to do breathing exercises at home and practice yoga. Outdoor exercises or activities should be avoided at any cost keeping in view the current situation. To boost the immune system a nutritious meal is very important for one and all. The diet should be packed with nutrients and proteins. Less oil and eating out are two things to be avoided right now.
Monitoring the Oxygen saturation level from time to time is also very important.
Asthma is still not considered a serious illness by people but asthma coupled with other diseases can be fatal. Avoiding triggers and taking precautionary measures can keep one person away from sudden and abrupt attacks.
The measures have been put forward keeping in mind the safety of vulnerable people with life-threatening diseases.

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