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Hysterectomy: Types, procedure, recovery tips, risk factors, & recovery tips

Hysterectomy is an operation where the uterus is removed for several reasons. It is a complex procedure. Read this article to know about hysterectomy.

Hysterectomy: Types, procedure, recovery tips, risk factors, & recovery tips

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Hysterectomy is a surgery performed to withdraw the uterus for several reasons. After this procedure, the menstrual cycle will stop and one won't be able to become a mother. It is used to cure several chronic ache conditions and also uterus cancer and infections. As per the purpose of the surgery, the surgeon can either remove the whole of the uterus or several other organs like ovaries and the fallopian tubes.

The several reasons for performing it are mentioned below:

1. Uterine fibroids, causing severe ache, bleeding, and other issues.

2. Uterine prolapse, slightly dislocation of the uterus.

3. Uterus, ovary, or cervix Cancer

4. Endometriosis

5. Abnormal vaginal bleeding

6. Chronic pelvic pain

7. Adenomyosis, slightly thickening of the uterus

Types of Hysterectomy:

Depending on the purpose, the surgeon can withdraw either the whole of the uterus or just the parts like the ovaries or the cervix. Now here are the types:

Supracervial or partial hysterectomy:

This procedure withdraws just the upper portion of the uterus.

Total hysterectomy:

In this, the entire uterus along with the cervix is withdrawn.

Hysterectomy and Salpingo-Oophorectomy:

This procedure is carried out when there exist cancer cells. In this, the entire uterus along with the tissues, the cervix, and the top of the vagina is withdrawn.

Are there any alternatives to it?

Hysterectomy is not applicable to women who want to have babies and are not suitable for the surgery. Hence, fortunately, there exist certain other alternate measures like endometriosis can be treated by hormonal therapy; there are other surgical options to treat fibroids, etc. However, hysterectomy is a reliable treatment for uterus or cervical cancer.

How is it done?

There exist various methods; however, every method needs a local or general anesthetic. Through general anesthetic, one will be sleeping or unconscious so that the pain cannot be felt. On the other hand, through local anesthetic, the below waistline will remain numb but you will be conscious and relaxed.

Below are the procedures:


in this operation, the uterus will be withdrawn through a large abdominal cut either vertically or horizontally. It could be recovered well but will leave a bit scaring.


This is done with a vaginal cut and through that, the uterus will be withdrawn. The scares won't be visible.


This procedure is done by an instrument which is known as a laparoscope. It is a thin long tube that is inserted into the abdomen through several small incisions. Then the uterus is cut into small pieces and withdrawn one after the other.

Are there any risks after the surgery?

Hysterectomy is anyway reliable and safe operation but there might be a certain risk of the reaction of anesthetic which is rare. Other issues like blood clot, bleeding, blockage of the bowel, infections, urinary tract injury, etc may arise.

Some lifestyle tips after the surgery:

A healthy lifestyle is a must after the surgery because experience hormonal changes, irritation as obviously because of the surgery. But certain healthy lifestyle habits can help you to survive better.

What you must eat?

Have colorful fruits and vegetables filled with nutrition to boost your immunity

Grains and legumes

Have proteins and good fats: You need to especially look after the protein and healthy fats diet.

Calcium works best

Mantel health:

The operation may make you more irritable, you'll have mood swings, etc, so it is important to equally take care of your mantel condition.

Take sufficient rest and sleep well

Don't perform unneeded works

Do what you like the most


Physical health:

Do mild exercise

Do not lift heavy objects

Practice yoga

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