A guide to your immune system - how to boost & build it

Our body is constituted by our immune system which is very important to fight harmful diseases.. Read more to know ways to boost our immune system..
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An immune system is necessary for us to be alive and healthy. It helps our body to fight various diseases, viruses, and other foreign particles to invade.

Our immune system is the immunity to survive. It is constituted with a wide range of cells and tissues which take care of our body and keeps a fixed eye on any intruder into our body; always ready to fight with any foreign invader.

Our body is distributed by our immune system and constitutes various kinds of cells, tissues, and proteins. Our immune systems have the ability to differentiate between self-tissues a non-self tissue. It set an immune response whenever any foreign tissue is encountered by our immune system.

It is very crucial to keep our immune system sound and healthy so that our entire body functions well and effectively.

How to strengthen your immune system?

Here are some Immune system booster tips to make our immunity stronger so that body able to fight diseases...

1. Eat a healthy diet:

Maintaining a healthy diet is very necessary to make our immune system strong. Food enriched in proteins, vitamins, and minerals is quite effective to strengthen our immunity.

• Fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, etc are very nutritious and contains antioxidant which reduces inflammation and fights against harmful bacteria. Moreover, specific fruits and vegetables have Vitamin C in abundance which helps to make your immunity firm.

• Healthy fats present in olive oil and certain fish like salmon and also meat is also helpful in reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

• Fermented food such as yogurt, natto, kimchi, etc are probiotic which is very good to keep your digestive system fit.

2. Drink adequate water:

Water is precious for our body to function effectively. It is mandatory to drink 3 to 4 liters of water on a regular basis.

• Water helps to maintain the fluid which is very good for digestion, circulation, saliva formation, maintaining body temperature, the transmission of nutrients, etc.

• Drinking adequate water can make your skin glowing and healthy.

• Water helps to reduce high calories

• It also helps in muscle building.

3. Sleep enough:

Getting enough sleep helps in immunity building. When you sleep although you are not active your body mechanism stays active. Studies have shown that people who get insufficient sleep is more likely to catch the sickness. Your body too needs rest to build effective mechanisms to fight against various diseases. Hence, it is important to get around 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night.

4. Work out every day:

A regular workout not just gives you a toned body but it also provides you with a sound and strong immune system. Engage in a moderate workout to keep your body feet and away from diseases. Exercise helps in the circulation of blood and important active cells to transmit all over your body for fighting harmful diseases. Thus building your immunity stronger and healthier.

5. Avoid sugar as much as possible:

Sugar can result in obesity and various other health issues like diabetes, heart problems, etc. Sugar can be a sweet poison for your health. So avoid as much sugar as possible.

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