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Does melatonin work to improve anxiety?

Your body produces melatonin which is a hormone. Studies show melatonin can improve anxiety. Read this article to know more.

Is melatonin works to improve anxiety?

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Our body produces melatonin in a natural process. The pineal gland which is an organ in the brain is responsible for its formation. The gland's function is to maintain our sleeping pattern.

What is Melatonin?

When there is dark around you, your body tends to form more melatonin which helps you to sleep. Similarly, when there is light around you, the formation is melatonin decreases. However, it is also found in some supplements.

Certain studies have shown that it helps to amend anxiety by improving your sleeping pattern.

Continue reading this article to know more about the benefits of melatonin, the effectiveness of melatonin for anxiety, how it functions, and also the side effects.

Some research study:

As per animal research (2017), Melatonin helps to accumulate gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in some portion of your brain which helps you to calm and also improves the signs of anxiety.

Certain human research is executed on the patients who have to experience a surgical procedure. Patients usually feel stressed and anxious right before surgery which is quite normal.

In a study of clinical research (2015), it was comparable with a placebo sugar pill which is given before any surgery. It shows that it functions well before and after any surgery as compared to similar pills.

Another study of 2018 found that it worked well as compared to oxazepam which is a supplement for anxiety while evaluating patients undergoing the medical process.

Older studies have also found out that it works better in older adults with sleep disorders.

How to use it?

There are certain supplements of it that are been taken orally, placing under the tongue. Clinical studies show that taking 3 to 10 milligram (mg) doses before going to bed can be of no harm but maximum doses may occur several complications.

However, the ways to take melatonin dosage for adults include:

1. Orally:

It is available in pill and tablet form.

2. Sublingually:

this process is used for patients undergoing surgery. The patient has to take it under the tongue.

3. Topically:

It is used to heal sunburn so there exist various creams and gel containing melatonin.

4. Intravenously:

It is quite a versatile pill and can be taken intravenously. It is used to heal tumors.

Note: Please check for supplements that are high in quality and reliable. Do some researches or consulting a doctor will be better.

What are the side-effects?

Usually, the supplements don't show any side effects but if it does in rare cases, they are moderate. Some might be:

  1. headache
  2. dizziness
  3. nausea
  4. upset stomach
  5. rashes

It can combine with other medications which are:

  1. Blood thinners
  2. Medications for blood pressure
  3. Other medicines that cause sleepiness

For the safe side, just consult a doctor or a pharmacist and they can provide you with several alternatives.

What are the factors for low melatonin?

There exist various factors that decrease the level of melatonin. They are:

  1. Stress
  2. Lack of exposure to natural light
  3. Overexposure to light at night
  4. Working night shifts
  5. Jet lag
  6. Lack of sleep or poor sleep pattern
  7. Nutritional deficiencies

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