Plantar Fasciitis Pain Causes, Symptoms, and treatments

Plantar fasciitis is a kind of pain that is caused at the bottom of the heel. Read this article to know about it and its causes symptoms and remedies.
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What is Plantar Fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is an orthopedic problem. It is a kind of pain that causes at the bottom of the heel. The strong, thick ligament which is the plantar fascia acts as a support system for the arch of your foot which is mostly used in our day-to-day life for walking, running, etc. Excess pressure on the ligament can cause inflammation and can damage it leading to pain and inability to move the feet.

Continue reading this article to know elaborately about plantar fasciitis with its causes and symptoms and its treatments.

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

There exists not just a single cause rather it can occur for several reasons. Check the below-mentioned causes:


People with the age of forty to seventy are at a higher chance of facing this pain.

Sometimes running or walking at a long-distance can imply pressure on your feet which can cause it.

Structural foot issues:

Some people who possess feet with a high arch and flat feet or having tighter calf muscles can also develop this problem


Women who are expecting mothers or the one who is obese or overweight are at higher risk since excess weight can imply pressure on your heels.

Certain medical problems:

People who are facing arthritis might also face this issue.

Wearing high heels or high sandals:

High heels or shoes which are with heights can cause this.

Most cases of plantar fasciitis are reported amongst women maybe because of certain biological conditions like pregnancy or must be wearing high heels etc.

Signs & Symptoms of plantar fasciitis:

The usual sign is the sharp ache at the bottom of your heels. It can develop on either foot or both of them.

The pain can even develop with time. Some sort of burning sensation of ache is felt at the bottom of the foot which is gradually extended towards the heels.

You won't be able to climb stairs and the pain grows just after a while of rest like stepping out of your bed in the morning or after sitting or lying for some time.

Additionally, one will not be able to feel the pain while doing something but it grows when you stop like just after returning from a long journey or after physical activity, etc.

Home Remedies for plantar fasciitis:

One can easily protect or prevent themselves from this issue just by following some simple home remedies which can be done on your own. So, here are certain plantar fasciitis cures that will really going to be fruitful and relieving.

1. Lavender essential oil:

Studies have shown that lavender oil is great for treating ache caused by inflammation and it acts as an anti-inflammatory element. Just mix a few drops of it with other oil such as coconut oil and massage it thoroughly onto the affected portion.

2. Always opt for comfortable shoes:

your comfort is necessary than anything. Just opt for comfortable shoes or sandals that support your arch and flats so that it doesn't imply much pressure on the heels.

3. Orthotic sandals or shoes are best for people suffering from foot or heel pain.

4. Use night splints:

Night splints are used to stretch the calves and arch throughout the night. These are for those who are suffering from this issue for several months.

5. Stretches:

Several feet stretch activities help to comfort the ache.

6. Icing:

icing is the best process to decrease inflammation. Put ice cubes onto the affected area for soothing effects.

7. Losing weight:

As mentioned earlier, overweight can imply pressure on the feet so losing weight will help to get away from this issue and will additionally help several other advantages.

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