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Protesters disrupt Hong Kong airport for 2nd day

Hong Kong


Hong Kong: Anti-government protesters severely disrupted air travel for a second straight day, forcing Hong Kong International Airport to suspend check-in services for all departing flights on Tuesday. The airport, which is one of the world’s busiest, has been the site of daily protests since Friday.

Authorities announced at 5 p.m. (local time) on Tuesday that all remaining flights scheduled to depart from the city’s international airport were suspended after protesters occupied one of the airport’s terminals for a second day. “Terminal operations at Hong Kong International Airport have been seriously disrupted as a result of the public assembly at the airport today,” Hong Kong’s Airport Authority said in a statement. “All check-in service for departure flights has been suspended since 4.30 (p.m.) hrs. Other departure and arrival flights for the rest of the day will continue to operate, and airlines will provide arrangements for passengers who have not completed the departure process,” the statement added, advising public to stay away from the airport. Some airlines, including flagship airline Cathay Pacific, cancelled dozens of flights on Tuesday before the latest closures were announced. Airport authorities cancelled hundreds of flights on Monday evening for the same reason.

In a sign of fraying tempers among the travelling public on Tuesday, a woman was seen trying to break through protesters’ lines towards the departure gate of Terminal 1, shouting “I want to go home”. Her passage was blocked by protesters. Videos on social media showed passengers struggling to get through demonstrators, who were sitting inside blocking departures.  (IANS)

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