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A few remedies to remove negative energy and Vaastu defects

The Southwest or the Nairut is responsible for the well being of the owner of the house. An oil lamp should be lit in the evening at the Southwest to counter vaastu defects

A few remedies to remove negative energy and Vaastu defects

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  5 Oct 2022 8:45 AM GMT

If you feel that something is not right in your house and things are not going the way they are planned, keep an earthen pot filled with water in the Southeast. Mop the floor of the house with saltwater regularly. Also light sandalwood incense sticks.

Sunlight brings positive energy. It is very important to let sunlight enter the house from the northeast and east.

The Northwest direction is ruled by the air element. Lord Vayu rules the Northwest. This direction should be kept clean and open to allow the air to come in along with sufficient light. Lighting an oil lamp in the evening in the Northwest is considered very auspicious.

Swastikas made of turmeric, lime and chandan (sandal) should be drawn on the main door. It will eliminate most of the vaastu defects in the house. Hindus regard the Swastika very highly and its presence in the house or shop can dispel negative energy.

The main entrance is the prime point of entry of energy into the house. If oil lamps are lit in the evening in front of the main door, they will not allow negative energy to come inside the house. When a household is facing financial problems, a pot filled with water should be kept near the main door in the evening after lighting the oil lamp and discarded in the morning.

The Southwest or the Nairut is responsible for the well being of the owner of the house. An oil lamp should be lit in the evening at the Southwest to counter vaastu defects.

Vaastu tips for children's room: For most children, studying is not the first thing joy in life! They do it because their parents want them to and out of compulsion! The pandemic of Corona has not helped the cause at all when schools and colleges were closed for more than one year. The period of lockdown has diverted the attention of small children from studies. This is where astro-vaastu ways will come into the picture. There are certain ways by which the attention of the children can be brought back to studies. Candles can prove wonders in this regard. Let us see how candles can improve the concentration of kids in studies.

The direction: Lighting of the candle amounts to adding fuel to the fire element. We know that the Southeast is controlled by the fire element. So it is very beneficial to light candles in the Southeast of the study room. Besides this, candles can also be lit at the East or South. This will increase the intellectual capacity of the child.

Do not light a candle in this direction:- While lighting a candle ,one must also know which direction is forbidden. The North and Northeast directions are ruled by the water element. Lighting a candle in these directions will result in financial losses and affect the entire household financially. The Northwest is also bad for lighting a candle. This will cause restlessness and loss of mental peace for members. They develop a feeling of jealousy for each other.

The shape of the study table:

A study table should not be round, oval or U-shaped. It should be always rectangular or square. The student should not face a blank wall while studying. Take care to ensure a good support at the back.

Astrological remedies to increase concentration

There are certain astrological ways to please certain planets and gods. Those can be used for removing vaastu defects and increasing positive energy.

1. Lord Vishnu brings peace, prosperity and auspiciousness. The statue of Lord Vishnu should always face West. It is recommended to light an earthen lamp with cow ghee in front of Lord Vishnu. After that water should be offered to a banana plant and a tilak (made from the earth below it) should be applied to the forehead of the student to increase concentration.

2. Those, who are not attentive in studies and cannot concentrate should keep a piece of alum (Fitkiri) in their pocket. It will absorb negative energy around the student and keep his/her mind free. A saffron tilak can be applied on the forehead as well as the navel.

3. It is very auspicious to donate religious books and pens to the Vishnu Temple on Thursdays. It increases the zeal of the student in terms of academics.

4. Needless to say, the study table must always face the East. The colour green is good for concentration as it is the colour of Mother Nature. Use a light green coloured table cloth.

5. A crystal ball in the East can increase the concentration of the students.

Some astro-vaastu causes for heart problems:

According to astrology, planets and stars have different effects on us. Some of them affect our circulatory system and functioning of the heart. These stars and planets in turn affect different directions too.

The sun rules the East. It also has effects on our circulatory system. Vaastu defects in the East induce blood related problems. The moon also affects the brain. It controls the Northwest. A defective Northwest can cause problems of the brain.

Rahu is the ruling planet at Southwest. It has effects on the heart. Defects like a staircase, toilet or septic tank at Southwest can cause problems of the heart.

The Sun, Moon and Guru (Jupiter) are friends with Mars or Mangal. So problems of sun and moon may indirectly affect Mars. Conversely, problems in the South with a malefic Mars can cause heart problems.

Reader query

Sir, I read your articles regularly and try to follow them. I have got a very good offer for an apartment in Gurgaon. It is in a very good locality and quite near from my place of work. The price, I got for it is very reasonable compared to the ongoing market rate. I could gather from your writings that there may be few vaastu problems. Can you suggest the remedies so that I can go ahead with this?

Name withheld on request, New Delhi

(Image of the house plan)

If you have noticed the North is tilted by about 15 degrees to the left. Anything below 10 degrees is considered normal. In your case, the tilt has put the bathroom in the Northeast quadrant (eastern northeast) and the W.C. at East.

There are plus points like the kitchen at Southeast and the bedroom at Southwest. There are minor cuts at Southwest and Southeast.

The bathroom at Eastern Northeast is alright as only water will be used. You have to take protection for the WC at east with a Surya Yantra and Sriyantra as well.

For the cut at Southwest, install a Rahu Yantra at southwest corner of the bedroom.

I will suggest you to shift the guest room to Northwest and the living room to Northeast. You have to manage as the room at Northeast is smaller in comparison but then the flat itself is not very big. Draw Swastikas on both sides of the main door outside. Also shift the cooking stove to Southeast and the wash basin to the North.

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