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How often should you wash your hair? Here's all you must know

Washing hair is necessary but applying too much shampoo can do harm to your hair. Read on to know whether you need to wash your hair daily or not

How often to wash your hair? Here’s all you must know

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  14 Dec 2020 2:07 PM GMT

Everyone loves smooth and silky hair for a good hair day. So people tend to frequently apply shampoo or wash it in order to get silky soft hair. But oil isn't that bad. Your scalp produces sebum which is quite beneficial to keep it rich and shiny. If you completely wash off the sebum then your hair can get rough and dull; thus causing harm to it. Shampoo traps the oil and acts as a blockage in the formation of the national oil produced by the hair causing damages and breakage.

If you ask how often to wash hair, then it depends on several factors. Here are some of them:

Factors influencing how often to wash hair:

Oil: There exist some people whose scalp produces enough oil, especially teenagers. The formation of oil just depends on genetics, age, and also the environment. They have to wash it more often, otherwise it can look too oily and greasy.

Hair type: People who possess straight and thin hair should wash more often because they produce more sebum as it gets oily and greasy too easily. On the other hand, one who has curls and waves remains dry as the sebum is not able to cover the strands quite easily. Curls need more sebum for the rich quality to remain soft and unfreeze.

Sweating: Excess workout or sweating causes overproduction of sebum and it spreads quite rapidly. It causes a foul smell and makes it looks dirty and dull. So, if you are sweating too much then you need to wash it but just make such to apply mild conditioner or serum in order to moisturise and rough-free.

Pollutions and dirt: Pollutions and dust can also be a factor to often washing hair otherwise dirt can make dirty and dull.

Should you wash your hair every day?

Rinsing your hair just with water is fine but washing or shampooing every day can be harmful. The actual work of shampoo is cleaning your scalp and removing the extra oil but overusing it can make your hair rough and freezy. Shampoo cuts off the sebum which is the natural oil that is produced by your hair and makes it rougher. You may just apply or massage it only on your scalp but still shouldn't apply on a regular basis.

What causes overwashing?

As mentioned earlier, overwashing can make your hair and scalp rough and dry. Sometimes dandruff can also be a sign of overwashing. Dry scalp can cause itching, dryness, flaking, or dandruff. But it doesn't mean you need to completely stop washing it.

It all depends on its type and several factors mentioned above. Some people get itching and irritation because of not shampooing. But washing it at a specific interval will just make the quality healthy and rich.

Hence, washing hair just completely depends on its type, your skin quality, and also your lifestyle, and how much your scalp produces oil. But, yes regular washing like every day, can do harm to your precious hair.

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