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Some exciting family indoor games

This article is going to provide you with some amazing ideas about family games that can be played at home. I'm sure your family member will love it.

Some exciting family indoor games

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Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  19 Dec 2020 4:37 PM GMT

Are you planning for a family game night? So read this article for some fantastic ideas. It is quite necessary to spare some good times with your family and enjoy with them. So, these games are some amazing options to have a family reunion and having a good quality time to spend with.

Continue reading this article to get some best ideas of games to play with family at home.

Some exciting family games at home which everyone will enjoy playing:

Word square: This game is quite interesting and is more like the dot game. Just show some intelligence and form as numerous squares as you can by joining the dots.

Who am I? So, this game is quite simple and is quite a favorable family game to play. So, every member is given twenty questions and they have to guess who they are. The one, who guessed more questions rightly, is the winner.

Knock the bottle: You need an orange or a tennis ball and nylon. Place the orange into the nylon and place it on your head. The challenge is that knock off the water bottles on the ground and the member who is able to knock more bottles is the winner.

Ludo: Just drop the idea of playing ludo on your phone and just call for a get-together, set the mood, and bring on the game mode to play ludo. And of course, ludo is undoubtedly a very well-known family game played all over the world. It can be played with four players and whoever reached the home first, is the winner. It is definitely a great option for passing the time and additionally, you'll never get bored.

Chess: Show off your intellect and play chess with two members. Yes, this needs some patience and brain but trust me, this game can pass your time and you'll not get bored playing it.

Pictionary: Now this game is quite interesting and fun. You'll be given some words or maybe some dialogues. You just have to describe your given words not by your mouth neither by body language but by drawing pictures onto a whiteboard and the other members need to guess the words which you are describing, simple.

Charades: Okay, so this game is very popularly played around the world. The family members have to be divided into two teams and each player from each team on their own turns has to describe something related to a movie or a book or some celebrity or any tv show. The other teams have to guess what has been described. The team with more scores wins.

UNO or any card games: Okay so card games are very fascinating and fun, and I suppose everyone is fond of playing it. UNO can be played with more members and is quite simple that kids can also join and is indeed very interesting.

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