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Some wonderful hairstyles for long hair

Sometimes it's quite boring to just follow one hairstyle. Styling hair can be trendy especially for long hair. Read this article to know more.

Some wonderful hairstyles for long hair

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Having love luscious hair feels so amazing. It feels nice when someone compliments your long hair. But, there is a problem for girls with long hair that how to style your hair. Following just one hairstyle can be boring and usual. So, most of you girls keep complaining about how to style your hair in a simple and quick way. So now your worries are over girl.

In this article, you'll get various ideas for styling your long hair in a quick and simple way.

Simple hairstyle for long hair:

Twisted bun:


First of all comb all your hair properly.

Part your hair into two sections and tie the two sections of hair as you tie your shoelace.

Take the right tail and twist it to the extreme right.

Now roll up the sections into a bun and suppress it with bobby pins.

Repeat the same with the left section of your hair.

Double ponytail:


Divide your hair into two sections horizontally.

Secure the top hair with any clip

Now tie up the low hair with a rubber band.

Open up the upper hair and tie it upright on top of the lower hair.

Khaleesi hairstyle


Grab some hair from both corners of your ear and tie a ponytail

Create a gap between the ponytails with a figure

Flip the ponytail and insert it into the gap.

Similarly, grab some from both the corner of your hair and tie above the first ponytail in the same way.

Topsy tail this ponytail twice.

Quarter dutch ponytail


• Grab some hair from one side of your ear and divide into 3 sections

• Make a braid out of it

• Tie all your hair into a ponytail

Boho Braid


• From the side with more hair, pick up a 3-inch section of hair from right next to your parting.

• Split this section of hair into 3 sections.

• Start French braiding these sections by adding more hair from the outside into the braid with each stitch of braiding.

• Once your French braid has gone past your ear, simply braid right till the end and secure with a hair elastic.

• Tug apart and loosen your braid to make it look softer and finish off the look

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